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Page two <br /> Auction Agreement <br /> Indian River County <br /> Seller hereby agrees that any suit, action or legal proceedings arising out of or relating to the auction shall be brought <br /> solely and exclusively in the courts of the State of Florida in and for Indian River County, Florida, consents to the jurisdiction <br /> of such court in any suit , action or proceeding and waives any objection which it may have to the laying of venue of any <br /> such <br /> suit, action or proceeding in such court . Further, the parties herein acknowledge and agree that this Auction Agreement and <br />all <br /> transactions contemplated by this Auction Agreement shall be governed by, construed and enforced in accordance with the laws <br /> of the State of Florida without regard of principles of conflicts of laws . <br /> In the event that Auctioneer is required to take any action to enforce the terms of this Auction Agreement, the <br /> prevailing party shall be entitled to recover all of their reasonable attorneys ' fees and costs . Reasonable attorneys ' fees shall <br /> include those fees incurred (a) before , during and after litigation , including those incurred in attempting collection without <br /> litigation , (b) in litigating in all trial and appellate levels , (e) in any bankruptcy proceeding and (d) in any post judgment <br /> proceeding . <br /> All parties signing this Auction Agreement in any representative capacity represent that they have the authority to sign <br /> on behalf of such party or entity. <br /> Said Auction is to be conducted on the 9 `1' day of May , 2009 at 10 : 00 a . m . <br /> P!Aer <br /> ei4y lax@� will be <br /> The real estate lird hefein isbeing sold an a(n ) basis . <br /> The personal property listed herein is being sold on a(n) sells to the highest bidder regardless of Drice basis . <br /> WE HAVE READ THE ENTIRE CONTENTS OF THIS AGREEMENT , UNDERSTAND FULLY THE CONTENTS <br /> THEREOF , ACKNOWLEDGE RECEIPT OF A COPY OF SAME . We are not relying upon verbal statements not contained <br /> herein . <br /> SELLER <br /> J <br /> SELLEt / <br /> AUCTIONEER : KARLIN DANIEL & ASSOCIATES , INC . By <br /> APPROVED AS TO FORM <br /> ANMAFE <br /> BY <br /> WILLIAM K. DEBKAAL <br /> DEPUTY COUNTY ATTORNEY <br />