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County shall have the power to determine the matters to be assigned to AIDE, the specific <br /> duties to be performed by AIDE, and reasonable standards of performance to be maintained . <br /> SECTION 2. GENERAL POWERS OF COUNTY <br /> County shall have the power to review all work performed and to require AIDE to revise such <br /> work or work product ; to determine the time and the manner of the performance of all work; and to <br /> determine standards of performance, all of which shall be reasonable . . <br /> SECTION 3. ETHICS OF AIDE <br /> AIDE shall abide by and perform all assigned duties in accordance with county laws, <br /> regulations and ordinances regulating ethics . <br /> SECTION 4. ANNUAL COMPENSATION <br /> For all services rendered by AIDE, AIDE shall be paid a salary of sixty-three thousand dollars <br /> and 00/00 ($ 63 , 000) annually, payable in 26 biweekly installments of $2,423 . 08 , as adjusted for <br /> necessary deductions . AIDE ' s salary shall be . increased by any cost-of-living increase granted other <br /> County employees . Salary shall be adjusted retroactively to the commencement date of this <br /> Agreement . <br /> SECTION 5. ADDITIONAL BENEFITS <br /> County provides employees with a number of benefits that are set forth in the Indian River <br /> County Administrative Policy Manual . These rights and benefits are available to AIDE on the same <br /> terms and conditions that they are available to a full-time, regular non-contract employee; provided, <br /> however, specific terms of this employment agreement shall control and govern if there is any conflict <br /> with benefits and rights afforded under the County Administrative Policy Manual . AIDE shall be <br /> included in the " Senior Management Service Class" of the Florida Retirement System . County shall <br /> provide Long Term Disability Insurance for AIDE . <br /> SECTION 6. CONTRACT <br /> The AIDE acquires no property rights in employment but has only the contractual rights set <br /> forth or incorporated by reference in this employment agreement . <br /> SECTION 7. TERMS <br /> This employment contract is for one year from the commencement date written above . The <br /> contract is not continuing in nature and must be renewed on an annual basis . Renewals shall be under <br /> the same terms as this agreement or as otherwise agreed to by the parties, except that Section 4 , <br /> Annual Compensation may be increased . COUNTY shall provide AIDE at least 30 days ' written <br /> notice in the event of non-renewal . <br /> Page 2 of 3 <br />