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I' GINAL - <br /> � r <br /> LEASE <br /> THIS LEASE , executed this 10th day of MAY, 2005 , in consideration of the <br /> following covenants , agreements , limitations , and conditions entered into by the parties hereto , <br /> BOARD OF COUNTY COMMISSIONERS OF, INDIAN RIVER COUNTY, FLORIDA, a <br /> political Subdivision of the State of Florida, 1840 25th Street, Vero Beach, FL 32960 , <br /> hereinafter called LANDLORD , doth lease unto VIVIAN GRUSKOS , hereinafter called <br /> TENANT , the real property and facilities situated thereon, located in Indian River County, <br /> Florida, and more particularly described in Exhibit "A" , which is attached hereto and <br /> incorporated herein by reference, to be occupied only as a private, single- family residence, and <br /> for no other purpose , for the terms commencing on the 1st day of JULY, 2005 , and ending on <br /> the 30th day of June 2006 , at the rent of SEVEN THOUSAND TWO HUNDRED DOLLARS <br /> ($ 7 ,200 . 00) , payable in increments of 1 / 12 of the total or $ 600 . 00 per month and a security <br /> deposit of $ 600 . 00 , which shall be returned to , TENANT without interest at the expiration of the <br /> lease . <br /> THIS LEASE MAY BE EXTENDED at the option of the LANDLORD , at a <br /> reasonable rent to be determined by the LANDLORD . <br /> THIS LEASE MAY NOT BE ASSIGNED by the TENANT nor shall TENANT <br /> sublet or grant any license to use the premises or any part of them . <br /> PROVIDED ALWAYS , and the TENANT hereby covenants : <br /> 1 . To pay the rent punctually in advance on the FIRST ( 1 ) day of each and <br /> every month during the said terms to the LANDLORD , at the COUNTY DEPARTMENT OF <br /> GENERAL SERVICES , 1840 25th street, Vero Beach, FL 32960 . <br /> 2 . To make any and, all repairs to the said premises, plumbing, fixtures, wiring, <br /> etc . , when the damage was in anyway caused by the fault or negligence of the said TENANT ; <br /> will at the end of this lease surrender and deliver up said premises , without demand, in as good <br /> order and condition as when entered upon, loss by fire, inevitable accident, ordinary wear and <br /> decay only excepted . TENANT shall not make any alternations or improvements to the <br /> premises without the prior written consent of the LANDLORD . <br /> 3 . That in the event the premises are destroyed or so damaged by fire or other <br /> unavoidable casualty as to be unfit for occupancy or use, then the rent hereby reserved, or a fair <br /> and just proportion thereof, according to the nature and extent of the damage sustained, shall <br /> until the said premises shall have been rebuilt or reinstated, be suspended and cease to be <br /> payable, or this lease shall , at the election of the LANDLORD , thereby be determined and <br /> ended, provided, however that this agreement shall not be construed so as to extend the term of <br /> this lease or to render the LANDLORD liable to rebuild or replace the said premises . <br /> 4 . To permit the LANDLORD or his agent, at any reasonable time, to enter said <br /> premises or any part thereof for the purpose of exhibiting the same or making repairs thereof <br /> 5 . TENANT agrees to keep and maintain at all times during the lease term , at <br /> TENANT's expense, a renter' s insurance policy protecting LANDLORD against any internal <br /> damage to the house , and a general liability policy protecting LANDLORD against all claims <br /> and demands that may arise or be claimed on account of Tenant's use of the premises in an <br /> amount of least $ 100, 000 for individual injuries and $200 , 000 per occurrence . On the insurance <br /> policy the LANDLORD must be named as co-insured, and the LANDLORD must be given 30- <br /> days written notice of insurance company' s intent to cancel or terminate the policy. <br />