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Amendment to the Professional Services Agreement ORIGIN <br /> TO : (Owner's Representative) Amendment Number: 4 <br /> In accordance with the Agreement dated : Zl'J7 c, 2 j <br /> May 13, 2003 <br /> Between the Owner: <br /> Board of County Commissioners, Indian River County, Florida <br /> and the Architect: <br /> Donadio & Associates, Architects of Vero Beach, Florida <br /> For the Project: <br /> Indian River County New Administration Complex to be generally located on approximately 13 acres north of <br /> 26th) Street. east of 20th Avenue. south of Aviation Boulevard and west of Lateral "E" Canal in Vero Beach. <br /> Florida. This Project shall also include but not be limited to other such improvements as the Extension of 20th <br /> Avenue to the North and Construction of a Bridge across the Main Relief Canal connecting 20th Avenue with <br /> Aviation Boulevard. <br /> AMENDMENT NUMBER 4 : <br /> Authorization is granted to proceed with payment of professional fees for Additional Services provided as <br /> described in Exhibit A attached to this Amendment Number 4. <br /> As Follows: <br /> Redesign of a portion of former Supervisor of Elections in Building #2 for use as a Conference Room — <br /> Additional Architectural/Engineering Fee — $8,500 (for all related services) <br /> Compensation : <br /> The architect's compensation for all services under the Primary Contract including the previous 3 Amendments <br /> is currently 52,361 ,800 (Two Million, Three Hundred Sixty One Thousand, Eight Hundred Dollars and No <br /> Cents) <br /> Total increase in professional fees under this Amendment Number 4 is $8,500 (Eight Thousand Five Hundred <br /> Dollars and No Cents). This amount is to be paid from design funds budgeted for reimbursable design <br /> requirements within the agreement with Donadio and Associates. This action has no effect on the Guaranteed <br /> Maximum Prices (GMP) established for the construction of the facilities included under the contract (AIA <br /> Document A121 CMc-2003 and AGC Document 565 . A Standard Form of Agreement between Owner and <br /> Construction Manager where the Construction Manager is also the Constructor) and its Exhibit (AIA Document <br /> A20M997 General Conditions to the Contract for Construction), as approved by the Board of County <br /> Commissioners on April 19, 2005 , all as amended. <br /> The total fee amount for The Project is then $2,370,300 (Two Million, Three Hundred Seventy Thousand <br /> Three Hundred Dollars And No Cents <br /> 1 <br />