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_ AIA Document A121 ' CMc -- 2003 a A AGC <br /> Document 565 <br /> Standard Form of Agreement Between Owner and Construction Manager <br /> where the Construction Manager is Also the Constructor <br /> AGREEMENT <br /> made as of the Nineteenth day of Aoril in the year of Two Thousand and Five <br /> (In words, indicate day, month and year) <br /> This docume it has important <br /> Blegal consequences. <br /> BETWEEN the Owner: <br /> (Name, and address) Consultation with an attorney <br /> is encourage with respect to <br /> its completio or modification. <br /> Indian River County Board of County Commissioners <br /> 1840 25t1h Street The 1997 Ed tion of AIA® <br /> Vero Beach, Florida 32960 Document 01 TM, General <br /> Conditions oi the Contract for <br /> and the Construction Manager: Construction is referred to <br /> (Name and address) herein. This greement requires <br /> modification if other general <br /> Turner Construction Company conditions arutilized. <br /> 800 North Magnolia Avenue <br /> Suite 500 <br /> Orlando, Florida 32803 <br /> The Project is : <br /> (Name, address and brief description) <br /> New County Administration Building <br /> Lying Between the Main Relief Canal to the North the Lateral D Canal on the South and <br /> East and 20th Avenue to the West <br /> Two 2 stogy Buildings and associated site work and improvements -, one building consists <br /> of approximately 100.00 square feet and contains the offices for Community <br /> Development the Utility Department ' Public Works the Commissioners' Meeting Room, <br /> the Mail Room, the Offices for the County Administrator, the County Attorney, the Board <br /> of County Commissioners the Clerk to the Board the Clerk' s Finance Department, the <br /> Office of Budget and Management and computer rooms for both the Clerk and the Board <br /> of County Commissioners. The second building consisting of approximately 62,000 <br /> square feet and contains offices for the Tax Collector, the Property Appraiser, the <br /> Supervisor of Elections the Purchasing Division General Services Department /receiving, <br /> Human Resources,`Risk Management the Recreation Department Emergency Services <br /> Department Emergency Operations Center. Fire, Prevention, Telecommunications and <br /> Computer Services. <br /> The Architect is: <br /> (Name and address) <br /> Donadio & Associates Architects, P .A. <br /> 609 17th Street <br /> Vero Beach, Florida 32960 <br /> The Owner and Construction Manager agree as set forth below: <br /> AIA Document A121 TMCMc - 2003 and AGC Document 565. Copyright ® 1991 and 2003 by The American Institute of Architects and The Associated <br /> General Contractors of America. All rights reserved. WARNING : This document Is protected by U.S. Copyright Law and International Treaties. 1 <br /> Unauthorized reproduction or distribution of this document, or any portion of it, may result In severe civil and criminal penalties, and will be <br /> prosecuted to the maximum extent possible under the law. This document was produced by AIA software at 12:50:12 on 04/19/200 under Order <br /> No. 1000126313_1 which expires on 6/29/2005, and is not for resale. ( 1413727908) <br /> User Notes: <br /> y <br />