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h\ Uy <br /> ON <br /> Amendment to the Professional Services Agreement <br /> TO : (Owner ' s Representative) Amendment Number : 1 <br /> In accordance with the Agreement dated; <br /> May 13, 2003 <br /> between the Owner : <br /> Board of County Commissioners , Indian River County, Florida <br /> and the Architect : <br /> Donadio & Associates, Architects of Vero Beach, Florida <br /> for the Project : <br /> Indian River County New Administration Complex to be generally located on <br /> approximately 13 acres north of 26th) Street. east of 20th Avenue. south of Aviation <br /> Boulevard and west of Lateral " E " Canal in Vero Beach . Florida. This Project shall <br /> also include but not be limited to other such improvements as the Extension of 20th <br /> Avenue to the North and construction of a Bridge across the Main Relief Canal <br /> connecting 20th Avenue with Aviation Boulevard. <br /> Authorization is Requested <br /> (7) to proceed with Additional Services or a Change in Services <br /> ( ) to incur Additional Reimbursable Expenses <br /> As Follows : <br /> The subject of this requested Amendment Number One (1 ) (see Exhibit A) is the <br /> design of a third building to be located on 43rd Avenue (Jackson Tract) which will <br /> accommodate other departments which , by virtue of their roles in County <br /> government, are more suited to that site. The off-campus building will provide the <br /> storage, staging area, and loading dock and administration space needed by the <br /> Supervisor of Elections who has agreed to this relocation of her main office. Also in <br /> the 43rd Avenue building will be Buildings and Grounds and Animal Control <br /> facilities . <br /> The following adjustment, shall be made to compensation <br /> Compensation : <br /> Add : $221 ,400. 00 (Two Hundred Twenty-One Thousand Four Hundred Dollars and <br /> no Cents) <br />