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Agreement Number: 07HM-4r- 10-40-01 -008 <br /> Project Number: 1545 - 59-R <br /> MODIFICATION # 1 TO FEDERALLY FUNDED SUBGRANT AGREEMENT <br /> This Modification Number One is made and entered into by and between the Division of <br /> Emergency Management (hereinafter "the DEM") and Indian River County (hereinafter "the <br /> Recipient") to reinstate and extend the agreement between them dated September 28 , 2006 and <br /> numbered DCA Contract No . 07HM-4 a,- 10-40-01 -008 ; (hereinafter "the Agreement") . <br /> WHEREAS, the Agreement expired on March 31 , 2007; and <br /> WHEREAS , the parties desire to reinstate and extend the Agreement to March 31 , 2008 <br /> in order for the Recipient to complete the Scope of Work, as set forth in Attachment A . <br /> NOW, THEREFORE, the parties agree to reinstate, extend and modify the above <br /> referenced Agreement as follows : <br /> A. Paragraph (3) of the Agreement is hereby deleted in its entirety, and the following <br /> paragraph substituted in its place for all intents and purposes : <br /> This Agreement shall begin September 28 , 2006 and shall end March 31 , <br /> 2008 , unless terminated earlier in accordance with the provisions of <br /> paragraph ( 12) of this Agreement. <br /> B . All provisions of the Agreement being modified and any attachments thereto in conflict <br /> with this Modification shall be and are hereby changed to conform with <br /> the Modification, effective as of the date of the last execution of this Modification <br /> by both parties. <br /> C . All provisions not in conflict with this Modification remain in full force and effect, and <br /> are to be performed at the level specified in the Agreement. <br /> IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the parties hereto have caused this Modification to be <br /> executed by their duly authorized undersigned officials on the dates set forth below . <br /> 1 <br />