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4-LANE WIDENING OF 43 AVENUE <br /> FROM 25T" STREET S.W. TO OSLO ROAD (9TH STREET S.W.) <br /> WORK ORDER NO. 3 TO THE PROFESSIONAL CIVIL ENGINEERING SERVICES <br /> AGREEMENT BETWEEN ARCADIS U.S. INC. AND INDIAN RIVER COUNTY, FLORIDA. <br /> This AGREEMENT, entered into this 1 5th day of May , 2007, by and between <br /> INDIAN RIVER COUNTY, a political subdivision of the State of Florida, hereinafter referred to as the COUNTY, and <br /> ARCADIS U.S., INC., Vero Beach, Florida, hereinafter referred to as the ENGINEER, <br /> " SECTION I - PROJECT LIMITS AND DESCRIPTION" <br /> Consultant services are required for the preparation of field and office surveys in support of the <br /> preparation of road design plans; permit applications and utility relocation plans for the construction <br /> of the widening of 43rd Avenue from 25'h Street S . W. to Oslo Road (9`h Street S .W. ) . <br /> SECTION II - COUNTY OBLIGATIONS <br /> The COUNTY agrees to provide (in a timely manner) the following material, data, or services <br /> as required in connection with the work to be performed under this Agreement; all of which <br /> information the ENGINEER may use and reasonably rely upon: <br /> A) Provide the ENGINEER with a copy of all previously conducted studies, geotechnical investigations, preliminary <br /> data or reports available, existing location surveys, topographic surveys, and related documents. <br /> B) Provide the ENGINEER with all available drawings, and other documents in the possession of the COUNTY <br /> pertinent to the project. <br /> C) The COUNTY shall be responsible for acquiring all Right-of-Ways, easements and other rights in land as <br /> necessary to complete the project. <br /> D) The COUNTY shall make provisions for the ENGINEER to enter upon public and private property as required for <br /> the ENGINEER to perform his services. <br /> E) The COUNTY will promptly execute all permit applications and provide application fees necessary to expedite the <br /> acquisition of any local, state or federal permits made necessary by the project. <br /> F) The COUNTY shall provide all abstracts of title for each parcel necessary for the construction. <br /> The ENGINEER agrees to perform professional roadway design and related services in connection with the project as <br /> required and set forth in the following: <br /> SECTION III — SCOPE OF SERVICES <br /> A. General <br /> I . The ENGINEER will endeavor not to duplicate any previous work done on the project. After <br /> issuance of written authorization to proceed, the ENGINEER shall consult with the COUNTY to <br /> clarify and define the COUNTY'S requirements for the project and review all available data. <br /> Page 1 of 9 <br /> G :Wdmin\Marketing\Proposals\WPB\2007\43rd Avenue Arcadis Work Order No 3 Survey Agrement 04-24-07.doc <br />