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A TRUE COPY <br /> CERTIFICATION ON LAST PAGE <br /> J.R. SMITH,CLERK <br /> Project: Lost Tree Preserve <br /> 69th StJ Old Dixie Hwy Subgrade water and <br /> force main crossings utilities Improvements <br /> CONTRACT FOR CONSTRUCTION OF <br /> UTILITY IMPROVEMENTS ON FLORIDA EAST COAST RAILWAY, LLC <br /> PROPERTY <br /> AND <br /> AGREEMENT TO WARRANTY AND GUARANTY UTILITY <br /> IMPROVEMENTS AT COMPLETION AND TO PROVIDE A BILL OF <br /> SALE <br /> (RE: 691 StJ Old Dixie Hwy <br /> Subgrade water and forced main crossings) <br /> THIS CONTRACT, made and entered into this k \ day of At; t L. , 2017 <br /> (the "Effective Date") by and between Lost Tree Preserve, LLC, a Florida limited liability <br /> company, having a mailing address of 3399 PGA Boulevard, Suite 260, Palm Beach Gardens, <br /> ft 334=1.0, hereingftet, refarred to as "Devefioper,' grid 414DIAN RIVER COUNTY, a political <br /> subdivision of the State of Florida, by and through its Board of County Commissioners, <br /> hereinafter referred to as "County". <br /> WITNESSETH : <br /> WHEREAS, the undersigned Developer desires to construct certain off-site <br /> improvements, consisting of a subgr-ade-water and-forced-main-(the "Improvements") within the <br /> Florida East Coast Railway, LLC property located at 691h ,Street and Old Dixie Highway the <br /> "Crossing"); and g Y <br /> WHEREAS, plans for such, Im'provem'ents have already bereft approved lay the <br /> Florida East Coast Railway, LLC; and <br /> WHEREAS, in order for the County to modify the Blanket License Agreement <br /> between Indian R2iver County and rlorida East Coast Kakway, LLC, dated September 26, 1666, <br /> to include the Improvements the County will require Developer to post acceptable security in <br /> either the form of cash or a letter of credit from a lending institution acceptable to the County, in <br /> the amount of 115 % of the estimated costs of the proposed Improvements,- submitted under <br /> seal by an engineer registered in the State of Florida to practice professional engineering, and <br /> approved by County, to guaranty installation and completion of the Improvements to the <br /> satisfaction of County; and <br /> WHEREAS, said Improvements are to be completed within twelve (12) months <br /> of the date of the security provided,to the County herein referred-to as the Effective Date; and- <br /> 1 <br />