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A TRUE COPY <br /> CERTIFICATION ON LAST PAGE <br /> J.R. SMITH, CLERK �J <br /> CONTRACT FOR PROVIDING ANIMAL SHELTER SERVICES BETWEEN THE HUMANE SOCIETY OF VERO Ot/ ? X A <br /> BEACH AND INDIAN RIVER COUNTY, INC.AND INDIAN RIVER COUNTY, FLORIDA <br /> This Contract for Providing Animal Shelter Services for Indian River County, Florida, ("Contract") <br /> entered into April 18 , 2017, by and between the Board of County Commissioners of Indian River <br /> County, a political subdivision of the State of Florida ("County") whose address is 180127 th Street, Vero <br /> Beach, Florida 32960 and the Humane Society of Vero Beach & Indian River County, Florida, Inc. a Florida <br /> not for profit corporation,whose address is 6230 77th Street,Vero Beach, Florida 32967 ("Society"). <br /> BACKGROUND RECITALS <br /> WHEREAS, the County published a Request for Proposal for Animal Shelter Services for Indian <br /> River County, Florida on January 13, 2017; and <br /> WHEREAS,the Society was the only entity that submitted a response to the Request for Proposal; <br /> and <br /> WHEREAS, since October 1, 1995, the County and the Society have entered into Contracts, <br /> Extensions and Amendments for Providing Animal Shelter Services for Indian River County, Florida; and <br /> WHEREAS,the County has been satisfied with the services provided by the Society in the past and <br /> after review of the Society's response to the Request for Proposal for Providing Animal Shelter Services, <br /> the County finds that the Society meets the requirements contained in the Request for Proposals. <br /> WHEREAS, the County desires to obtain the Animal Shelter Services of said Society as further <br /> described herein; and <br /> WHEREAS, the Society hereby certifies that it has been granted and possesses valid, current <br /> licenses to do business in the State of Florida and in Indian River County, Florida, issued by the respective <br /> State Board and Government Agencies responsible for regulating and licensing the services to be provided <br /> and performed by the Society pursuant to the Contract; and, <br /> NOW,THEREFORE, in consideration of the foregoing,and other good and valuable consideration, <br /> the receipt and sufficiency of which are hereby acknowledged, the County and the Society agree as <br /> follows: <br /> 1. The above Background Recitals are true and correct and are incorporated into this Contract. <br /> ARTICLE 1.0-SCOPE OF SERVICES <br /> The Society hereby agrees to provide and perform the services required and necessary to complete the <br /> Scope of Services and work set forth in the Request for Proposals attached as Attachment "A" and <br /> Attachment "B"entitled Collection and Transmittal of Revenue to the County; hereto and made a part of <br /> this Contract each of which is attached. <br /> ARTICLE 2.0-ENTIRE AGREEMENT <br /> This Contract is intended by the parties hereto as the final and exclusive expression of the provisions <br /> contained in this Contract and it supersedes and replaces any and all prior to contemporaneous contracts <br /> 1 <br />