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BOARD OF COUNTY COMMISSIONERS <br /> 180127th Street, Vero Beach, Florida 32960 <br /> Telephone. 772-567-8000 i '�ftl a° ""1. FAX: 772-778-9391 <br /> COMMITMENT OF LANDSCAPE MAINTENANCE <br /> (Amendment) <br /> This letter is to confirm a revision to the commitment by the Moorings Property Owners <br /> Association (MPGA) (Maintaining Agency) to maintain all landscape materials including <br /> pest control, fertilizing and tree maintenance which they have furnished and installed <br /> per FDOT Permit No. 2012 L 490 0001 and FDOT Permit No. 2017 L-490-0003 on <br /> SRA1A along the southern one and one-half mile Moorings Corridor. <br /> This Commitment of Landscape Maintenance is directed to Indian River County, <br /> contingent upon review and acceptance of the design plans and final construction <br /> documents by the Maintaining Agency. The Maintaining agency will verify continuing <br /> and on-going maintenance of all the landscaping they install and insure that the <br /> installation will adhere to FDOT safety regulations. <br /> Richard B. Szpvrka, P.E. ' i ,4 <br /> Indian River County ME7ZV <br /> Representative int) <br /> dIA"ll <br /> Signa ure Signature f <br /> 519112 I res'%6C0 T <br /> Public Works Director Date Title <br /> BOARD OF COUNTY COMMISSIONERS ,.•�oti, �ssroNE.•,, <br /> INDIAN RIVER C UNTY, FLORIDA <br /> B4y. <br /> •O: <br /> J eph E Flescher, Chairman ;�'; :o <br /> s <br /> pprov' Ma 16, 2017AST: Jeffrey mith, Cler rt ntt• yppr' <br /> By: <br /> Vep-�y Clerk <br /> Appro e s to for and a ffy ie cy <br /> By. <br /> William K. DeBraal <br /> Deputy County Attorney <br /> C-\Users\rszpyrka\Desktop\Item Folders\Moorings\FDOT SRA1A Landscape Maint Moorings Agr 032217 doc <br /> I <br />