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WORK ORDER NUMBER #6 <br /> Atlantic Boulevard Parking Area Project <br /> IRC Project No. X1719 <br /> This Work Order Number 6 is entered into as of this 16 day of May , 2017, pursuant to that <br /> certain Continuing Contract Agreement for Professional Services, dated November 15, 2011, and that <br /> certain Extension and Amendment of Continuing Contract Agreement for Professional Services entered into <br /> as of the 4th day of November, 2014(collectively referred to as the "Agreement"), by and between INDIAN <br /> RIVER COUNTY, a political subdivision of the State of Florida ("COUNTY") and MBV Engineering, Inc. <br /> ("Consultant"). <br /> SCOPE OF WORK <br /> It is our understanding that the Engineering Division intends to create a "Cure Plan" for the Atlantic <br /> Boulevard parking area, in conjunction with the anticipated future State Road 60 and 43rd Avenue <br /> roadway widening projects, as mutually agreed upon by the City of Vero Beach and Indian River <br /> County, and adjacent property owners. Improvements shall include, but are not limited to, <br /> extending the driveway connection from the businesses on Atlantic Boulevard west of 42nd Avenue <br /> to connect with Atlantic Boulevard opposite the driveway to Abbott's Frozen Custard (4140 201h St), <br /> install a new irrigation well to replace the one currently in Poinsettia Park, and provide landscaping <br /> on both sides of the realigned Atlantic Boulevard at State Road 60. More specifically, these <br /> improvements are to be provided as per the Interlocal Agreement between the City of Vero Beach <br /> and Indian River County dated April 21, 2015, and as preliminarily detailed in Exhibit "9" of said <br /> Agreement. <br /> The proposed design improvements will consist of driveway realignment, parking improvements, <br /> drainage improvements, landscaping and irrigation well relocation within the areas as defined <br /> above. In addition it is assumed the proposed design will be based on the existing site configuration. <br /> Incorporation of proposed design plans into the FDOT State Road 60/43rd Avenue design plans and <br /> other off-site improvements/ utility relocates are not included in this scope of work. <br /> MBV Engineering, Inc. will provide the survey, design, permitting, and bidding service related to the <br /> above activities. <br /> 1. Survey(Existing Conditions) <br /> CONSULTANT will obtain the boundary and topographic survey for the area to receive the <br /> improvements. In addition, the CONSULTANT shall locate all visible above ground utilities, <br /> structures, paved areas, and buildings within the improvement area. <br /> 2. Design Services <br /> a. Construction Plans/ Meetings <br /> The Consultant will prepare 24"x 36" design drawings signed &sealed,for the above <br /> described improvements. The design drawings will include Preliminary Site Plan <br /> layout, Final Site Plan layout, Pavement Design Details, Utility Plan Details and <br /> Erosion Control Plan and Details. <br />