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RESIDENTIAL PURCHASE AND SALE AGREEMENT-FLORIDA <br /> 1. Parties: This Agreement represents an agreement made effective as of the date when the last one of Buyer <br /> and Seller has signed at the end of this document(the"Effective Date")by and between TD Bank,N.A. <br /> (hereinafter referred to as"Seller"),and Indian River County, of 1801 27th St Vero Beach FL 32960 <br /> (hereinafter referred to as"Buyer"). <br /> 2. Property: Seller agrees to sell,and Buyer agrees to purchase,a certain parcel or parcels of land with the <br /> buildings thereon situated at See Exhibit A the same parcel conveyed to TD Bank by deed dated and <br /> recorded in the County Registry of Deeds in Book ,page (the"Prior Deed"),see <br /> attached Exhibit A (hereinafter,collectively the"Property"). The Property shall not include any personal <br /> property,except the following specifically included personal property:N/A. <br /> BUYER is aware that SELLER acquired the Property by way of FORECLOSURE,DEED IN LIEU <br /> OR SIMILAR PROCESS,and that SELLER is selling and BUYER is purchasing the Property in its <br /> "EXISTING CONDITION"WITHOUT REPRESENTATIONS OR WARRANTIES OF ANY KIND <br /> OR NATURE. <br /> 3. Closing: The closing of this transaction shall occur,and the closing documents required to be furnished by <br /> Buyer and Seller(the "Closing") shall take place on or before (the "Closing Date"), provided that <br /> Buyer and Seller may agree in writing to extend the date for Closing. Closing will take place at the office <br /> of the Closing Agent;however, Closing may be conducted by mail or electronic means. The deed shall be <br /> recorded upon receipt of"Collected"closing funds. <br /> 4. Purchase Price:The agreed purchase price for the Property(the"Purchase Price")is Three thousand <br /> five hundred Dollars($3,500.00)to be paid by Buyer as follows: <br /> (i)a deposit of Dollars($ )on the Effective Date("Initial Deposit"); <br /> (ii)an additional deposit of 0 Dollars($0)due 0 days after the Effective Date(the"Additional <br /> Deposit")(the Initial Deposit and the Additional Deposit collectively referred to as the'Deposit"). The <br /> Deposit shall be held in escrow by Gullett Title Address:401 St Johns Ave Palatka FL 32177 <br /> Phone:386-326-5106 Email: Fax: (the"Escrow Agent").The <br /> Deposit is nonrefundable,except as specifically provided in this Agreement.The remaining balance of the <br /> Purchase Price shall be due and payable at the time of the Closing in"Collected"funds. For purposes of <br /> this Agreement,"Collected"funds shall mean funds that have been finally collected and deposited in the <br /> Account of the Escrow Agent or the Closing Agent. Seller shall retain any and all interest on the Deposit. <br /> 5. OFAC:Neither the Buyer nor any of its affiliates or beneficial owners,or any of its or its affiliates' <br /> respective officers,directors,agents,partners,members,beneficial owners,controlling entities or <br /> employees: (i)is a country individual or entity named on the Specifically Designated National and <br /> Blocked Persons(SDN)list issued by the Office of Foreign Asset Control of the Department of the <br /> Treasury of the United States of America;or(ii)is a party to or is otherwise involved in any present or <br /> threatened litigation or is aware of any of Buyer's affiliates or beneficial owners or any of Buyer's or its <br /> Page 1 of 10 <br /> FL t <br /> Confidential /�` <br />