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t <br />STATE OF FLORIDA OEPARTMENTOF TRANSPORTATION <br />LOCAL AGENCY PROGRAM rasD,ae <br />PROGRAMMAMMIANT <br />SUPPLEMENTAL AGREEMENT aenT <br />Page 1 of <br />SUPPLEMENTAL. NO. FEDERAL ID NO. (FAIN) <br />One 8886-830-A <br />CONTRACT. NO. FEDERAL AWARD DATE .. <br />GOS17. A 1115/2017 . <br />FPN LOCAL'AGEN& DUNS NO. <br />438860-1-58-01 079205989. I <br />The Florida Department of Transportation and Indian River County . desires to supplement <br />the original Agreement entered into and executed on December 5 2017 as Identifierl above.. All <br />provisions In the original Agreement and supplements, if any, remain in effect except as. expressly modified by this ! <br />supplement <br />The changes to the.Agreerrient and supplements, if anyare described as4oltows:' <br />PROJECT DESCRIPTION <br />I <br />Name Indian River Blvd. Length 2.411 - <br />Termini. <br />.471Termini From 371h St. to 531' St <br />Description of Work: <br />Sidewalk Improvements on Indian River Blvd. from 3-16 St to 53M St <br />Reason for Supplement and supporting engineering and/or cost analysis: <br />ihis'Suppiemeratat Agreement lhaeases,amount under FM 9436860-1-58-01 by ,116.00 and Increases LF arhount.undeu <br />FM#436860-1-58-01 by $2,050.00 Revised IAPRAgreement amount is $478,836.00. Refer to EKhlbit'B" attached hereto and, made j <br />apart hereof which replaces Exhibit "B' attached16 the Originel Agreement <br />i <br />j <br />i <br />f <br />F <br />t <br />