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j <br /> Contract#IRL2018-13 <br /> Encumbrance#s GL01-1701($36,000)&GL01-1895($25,000) <br /> AGENCY COST-SHARE AGREEMENT BY AND BETWEEN THE <br /> IRL COUNCIL AND INDIAN RIVER COUNTY FOR THE JONES'PIER <br /> CONSERVATION AREA WETLAND RESTORATION PROJECT <br /> THIS AGREEMENT("Agreement")is entered into between the IRI,COUNCIL("the Council"), <br /> whose address is1235 Main Street,Sebastian,Florida 32958,and INDIAN RIVER COUNTY,whose address <br /> is 1801 27th Street,Vero Beach,Florida 32960("Recipient").All references to the parties hereto include the <br /> parties,their officers,employees,agents,successors,and assigns. <br /> RECITALS <br /> The waters of the state of Florida are among its basic resources, and the Council has been <br /> authorized by the United States Environmental Protection Agency to be the local sponsor <br /> for the Indian River Lagoon National Estuary Program. <br /> Pursuant to the IRL Council Interlocal Agreement,the Council is responsible for <br /> managing the Indian River Lagoon National Estuary Program. <br /> The Council has determined that providing cost-share funding to Recipient for the <br /> purposes provided for herein will benefit the management of the water resources of the <br /> Indian River Lagoon. <br /> The parties have agreed to jointly fund the following project to benefit the water <br /> resources in accordance with the funding formula further described in the Statement of <br /> Work,Attachment A(hereafter"the Project"): <br /> Project description: Construction of estuarine wetlands and native uplands at the Jones' Pier <br /> Conservation Area in Indian River County. <br /> In consideration of the above recitals,and the funding assistance described below,Recipient agrees <br /> to perform and complete the activities provided for in the Statement of Work,Attachment A. Recipient <br /> shall complete the Project in conformity with the contract documents and all attachments and other items <br /> incorporated by reference herein.This Agreement consists of all of the following documents:(1) <br /> Agreement,(2)Attachment A-Statement of Work;and(3)all attachments,if any.The parties hereby agree <br /> to the following terms and conditions. <br /> 1. TERM;WITHDRAWAL OF OFFER <br /> (a) The term of this Agreement is from the date upon which the last party has dated and <br /> executed the same("Effective Date")until September 30,2019("Completion Date"). <br /> Recipient shall not commence the Project until any required submittals are received and <br /> approved.Recipient shall commence performance within seventy-five(75)days after the <br /> Effective Date and shall complete performance in accordance with the time for <br /> completion stated in the Statement of Work.Time is of the essence for every aspect of <br /> this Agreement,including any time extensions. Notwithstanding specific mention that <br /> Page 1 <br />