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WEIEREAS The s <br />.aid Department will not begin construction of said portion of said I <br />ii <br />Section in said County until title to all land necessary for said portion (of said Section has <br />been conveyed to or vested in said State by said County, and said lands physically cleared of <br />ii all occupants, tenants, buildings and/or other structures situate upon or encroaching within <br />the limits of the lands required for said portion of said Section; now, therefore, be it II <br />RESOLVED, That said Countyg through its Board of County Commissioners, comply wtth ,I <br />the request of said Department and procure, convey or vest in said State the free, clear and <br />unencumbered title to all lands necessary for said portion of said Section, and deliver to theJ <br />State Road Department said lands physically clear of all occupants, tenants, buildings w d/or <br />i <br />other structures situate upon or encroaching within the limits of lands required for said port- <br />ion of said Section, and that the Chairman and the Clerk of this Board be and they are hereby <br />authorized and directed to execute and deliver, on behalf of said County to said Department <br />the contract in the form hereto attached; and be it further <br />RESOLVED, That the Attorney for this Board be, and he is hereby authorized and dir- <br />ected to proceed to take the necessary steps for the County to acquire in the name of sail ii <br />County by donation, purchase or condemnation said rights Way and easements for said portion W1 <br />said Section, and to prepare in the name of said County by its County Commissioners 611 con- <br />demnation papers, affidavits and pleadings, and prosecute all condemnation proceedings to A <br />judgment; and said Attorney is further authorized to have prepared at said County's expense,.. <br />and furnish to the Department, the abstract search provided for in said contract. <br />carried <br />Upon motion duly made' seconded. and/a4"*,ed-j the Board adjourned,,4e-aee*-4a-Ue <br />mac*-sega3av-seea4ess-ee_k agseb-61--194-&,- and-to-meeb-iia- ep"Aea-ees sd4m- as- eguaUs UQ& -Beard' <br />as- W -w-1- led -by 4.awmf-ea- Juay 33-3 <br />CHAIRMAN <br />I <br />- <br />ATTEST <br />'i <br />d7 <br />CE= <br />P� <br />TUESDAY. AUGUST 146 <br />The Board of aounty Commissioners of Indian River County met at the Court House in <br />Vero Beach, at 10.400 O'clock, A. M. Tuesday, July 2, 1946, in regular meeting with all members <br />; present except Frank C. Vickers. Also present were Charles A. Mitchell, Attorney;.E..E. Carter <br />County Engineer; L. B. O'Steen, Sheriff; and Douglas Baker, Clerk. <br />I,I <br />The minutes of the previous meeting were read and approved. <br />Mr. E. W. Knight and Mr. W. B. Crosby appeared before the Board with regard to the <br />road from Blue Cyprus Lake to the Fellsmere grade. They stated this road had been closed just <br />prior to entering land owned by Mr. Fondren Mitchell and that in their opinion, this is and <br />i <br />has been for many years a public road. A letter was also.,received from Dr. W. F. Eubanks re- <br />garding the same problem. The Board advised they would investigate the matter and see what p <br />I <br />I' could be done regarding same, if anything. f <br />Mayor L. M. Shafor of the City of Sebastian, and Charlie Sembler appeared before <br />�I the Board as a committee and requested that some immediate action be taken with regard to the <br />repairing of Louisiana Avenue. Mayor Shafpr stated the City of Sebastian would furnish the <br />rock provided the County would build the road and furnish asphalt for same. It was agreed to <br />build the road on this basis; work to begin as soon as possible. <br />County Deeds Nos. 235, 236, 237 were executed by the Board.under Chapter 22079, <br />a. Acts of 1943, <br />Surety Bond of Marren T. Zeuch in the sum of $109000, as MEMBER OF STATE WELFARE <br />BOARD with U. S. Fidelity and Guaranty Company as surety was approved. <br />Mr. WarrentT. Zeuch appeared before the Board in behalf of the Indian River Fire I <br />II <br />