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Prepared by and return to: <br />City Attomev <br />City of Vero Beach <br />P.O. Box 1389 <br />Vero Beach, FL 32960-1389 <br />LICENSE AGREEMENT # <br />FOR USE OF CITY REAL PROPERTY <br />(BUS SHELTER — MUNICIPAL MARINA) <br />This License Agreement (hereinafter "Agreement") was made and entered into the date last written <br />below by and between the City of Vero Beach, Florida, a Florida municipal corporation; whose mailing <br />address is P.O. Box 1389, Vero Beach, Florida 32961-1389 (hereinafter "City"), and Indian River <br />County, a political subdivision of the state of Florida, whose mailing address is 1801 27th Street, Vero <br />Beach, Florida 32960 (hereinafter "Licensee"). City and Licensee may also be referred to herein <br />individually as a "Party" and collectively as the "Parties. <br />For and in consideration of the mutual promises, covenants, and understandings herein contained. <br />the Parties agree as follows: <br />1. Premises. Licensee has requested permission to use certain City real property located at the Vero Beach <br />Municipal Marina, 3611 Rio Vista Boulevard, Vero Beach, Florida, the location and description of such <br />City real property being as depicted in Exhibit "A" attached hereto and incorporated herein (hereinafter <br />"Premises"), for purposes of constructing, maintaining, and operating a bus shelter in conjunction with <br />Licensee's mass transit bus system known as the "GoLine" Indian River Transit. <br />2. License. City hereby grants a license to Licensee to occupy, utilize, and maintain the Premises for the <br />purposes specified in section 1 above and pursuant to the terms and conditions of this Agreement <br />(hereinafter "License"). City retains a right of entry to the Premises by City's employees, contractors, and <br />agents in performance of their duties at any time. The City's city manager is authorized to administer the <br />terms and conditions of this Agreement and License for and on behalf of the City, including, but not <br />limited to, matters regarding enforcement and termination.. <br />3. Use ofPremises. Licensee shall occupy, use, and maintain the Premises only for the purposes specified <br />in section 1 above and shall not occupy, use, or maintain or permit the occupation, use, or maintenance of <br />the Premises or any part thereof for any unlawful or illegal purpose, or in such manner as to constitute a <br />nuisance of any kind, nor for any purpose or in any way in violation of any existing or future code, law, <br />rule, requirement, order, ordinance, or regulation. <br />4. No Interest in Premises. The License granted herein provides Licensee with no leasehold or any other <br />property interest in the Premises and merely provides permission, personal to Licensee, to occupy, use, and <br />maintain the Premises at Licensee's sole risk and at the City's sufferance and convenience. <br />5. Improvements. No improvements, installations, or equipment of any kind or nature shall be constructed <br />or installed on the Premises by or for Licensee without prior review and written approval by and <br />coordination with the City, as well as compliance with all other reviews, permits, and approvals required by <br />.any applicable code, ordinance, law, rule, or regulation. Licensee's use shall be limited to those <br />improvements, installations, and equipment specifically approved by the City in writing. Upon written <br />notice from the City, Licensee shall, at its own cost and expense, immediately remove any improvement. <br />Page 1 of 5 <br />N:\Client Docs\\farina\Licenses\20l'5.05.20.IRCounty.Bus.Shelter-wrc.docx <br />