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SECTION 00530 - EJCDC <br />STANDARD FORM OF AGREEMENT <br />BETWEEN OWNER AND CONTRACTOR <br />ON THE BASIS OF A STIPULATED PRICE <br />7 iy-�s <br />8.N <br />2015- Os <br />THIS AGREEMENT ("Agreement" or "Contract"), dated the 14 day of July in the <br />year 2015 by and between Indian River County, a political subdivision of the State of Florida <br />(hereinafter called OWNER) and Mack Concrete Industries, Inc. (hereinafter called <br />CONTRACTOR). <br />OWNER and CONTRACTOR, in consideration of the mutual covenants hereinafter set forth, <br />agree as follows: <br />ARTICLE 1 WORK <br />CONTRACTOR as an independent contractor and not as an employee shall furnish and complete <br />all of the necessary labor, material, and equipment to perform the work as specified or indicated <br />in the Contract Documents. The work is generally described as follows: <br />A. CONTRACTOR shall complete all work as specified or indicated in the Contract <br />Documents. The work is generally described as follows which shall include, but is not <br />necessarily limited to the following. <br />Indian River County (IRC) proposes to abandon the existing steel package wastewater <br />treatment plant and replace it with a new 17,000 gallon per day (GPD) package <br />wastewater treatment plant. The replacement plant will be constructed and placed into <br />operation before the existing plant is abandoned. <br />The project consists of, but is not limited to: abandon the existing steel package plant <br />and replace the plant with a new 17,000 GPD package concrete tertiary wastewater <br />treatment plant which will include surge tank, duplex aeration tanks, dual final clarifier <br />tanks, aerated digester tank, dual cell tertiary filters, and duplex chlorine tanks; and <br />modification of the effluent disposal system; provide all necessary electrical equipment <br />and devices as shown on the electrical plans; provide all concrete slabs and site work <br />shown on the plans; and all other items as required for an operational project. <br />B. The OWNER shall have the option of direct purchase of all material and equipment for the <br />project in accordance with Rule 12A-1.094 of the Florida Administrative Code. The <br />contractor will be responsible for preparing the purchase documents for purchasing by the <br />owner. The contractor will be responsible for scheduling, receiving, handling, and storage <br />of all direct purchase material and equipment. <br />ARTICLE 2 ENGINEER <br />The project has been designed by Masteller & Moler, Inc., hereinafter called ENGINEER, and who <br />is to act as OWNER'S representative, assume all duties and responsibilities and have the rights <br />and authority assigned to ENGINEER in the Contract Documents in connection with completion of <br />the work in accordance with the Contract Documents. <br />ARTICLE 3 CONTRACT TIME <br />3.1 Bidder agrees that the work as generally described herein, will be completed in <br />accordance with the following timeframe. <br />00530-1 ATTACHMENT NO.1 <br />