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PERMIT AND INTERLOCAL AGREEMENT <br />(No. IRC -11) <br />THIS PERMIT and INTERLOCAL AGREEMENT, dated this <br />A TRUE COPY <br />CERTIFICATION ON LAST PAGE <br />J.R. SMITH, CLERK <br />18th day of <br />August ,2015 by and between INDIAN RIVER FARMS WATER CONTROL <br />DISTRICT, a drainage district organized and existing under the General Drainage Laws <br />of the State of Florida, whose address is 7305 4th Street, Vero Beach, Florida, hereinafter <br />referred to as the "District", and INDIAN RIVER COUNTY, a political subdivision of <br />the State of Florida, hereinafter referred to as the "Permittee". <br />NOW, THEREFORE, the District does hereby grant unto the Permittee a permit <br />for a period of sixty (60) months from January 1, 2015, unless sooner terminated as <br />hereinafter provided, to maintain, inspect, operate and repair sanitary sewer force mains <br />and appurtenances on, over and across the South four feet (4') of the Main Canal right-of- <br />way, at the locations and in accordance with the plans and specifications attached hereto <br />and marked "Exhibit A" and signed by the parties and, by reference, made apart hereof, <br />together with the right of ingress and egress on and over the property at said locations; <br />provided, however, that as a condition precedent to the rights herein granted, Permittee <br />agrees to and with the District as follows: <br />1. That the construction and installation of force mains is in exact conformity <br />with the plans marked "Exhibit A". <br />2. The rights shall extend only for force mains used exclusively by the Permittee <br />(unless otherwise agreed to by District) and belonging to the Permittee and the Permittee <br />shall not have any right to assign or sublet this Permit or any part thereof unto a third <br />party. <br />3. Permittee assumes full responsibility for the operation and maintenance of said <br />force main and shall save and hold harmless District from any expense, loss, damage or <br />claim in regard thereto, and the District assumes and shall expressly assume all risk of <br />loss to or in connection with the same, including without limitation, any expense, loss, <br />damage or claim from any cause whatsoever and the District assumes and shall have no <br />liability in connection therewith. The parties having expressly negotiated to allocate all <br />risk and expense in connection therewith to Permittee. <br />