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Board of County Commissioners <br />1801 27th Street <br />Vero Beach, Florida 32960 <br />Telephone: (772) 567-8000 FAX: (772)-778-9391 <br />Materials Testing Services <br />For <br />87th Street and 91St Avenue Sidewalk Improvements <br />IRC Project No. 1205 <br />WORK ORDER NO. 1 (Engineering Division) <br />FOR <br />FOR PROFESSIONAL GEOTECHNICAL SERVICES AGREEMENT <br />FOR ANNUAL GEOTECHNICAL SERVICES CONTRACT, RFQ NO. 2014007 <br />WITH <br />DUNKELBERGER ENGINEERING & TESTING, INC. <br />All services performed under this contract shall be supervised and certified by a licensed Professional <br />Engineer (PE) registered with the State of Florida and staff employed directly with your firm. <br />SCOPE OF SERVICES <br />All work shall be performed on a unit price or hourly rate basis in accordance with the attached <br />Materials Testing Services — Revised Proposal (Exhibit A) dated June 23, 2015 and shall comply with <br />Standards enumerated in the ANNUAL GEOTECHNICAL SERVICES CONTRACT, RFQ 2014007 WITH <br />DUNKELBERGER ENGINEERING & TESTING, INC. Effective Date: October 1, 2014. <br />Minimum Specification Requirements as follows: <br />• Field Observation, Sampling & Testing <br />• Laboratory Testing <br />• Engineering & Reporting <br />All work shall also comply with the current Florida Minimum Technical Standards. <br />COMPENSATION <br />The COUNTY agrees to pay, and the Geotechnical Professional agrees to accept, a fee for services <br />rendered according to the "Materials Testing Services — Revised Proposal" identified in the attached <br />"EXHIBIT A" Fee Schedule and Man Hours. <br />