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TUESDAY, APRIL 232 1957 <br />A <br />Special meeting <br />of the Board of County <br />Commissioners of Indian River County, <br />Florida <br />was held at <br />the Courthouse, <br />Vero Beach, Florida at <br />7:30 o'clock P. M. Tuesday, April 23, <br />1957. <br />Present were D. B. McCullers, Jr., Vice Chairman; Robert W. Graves and W. C. Graves, Jr. <br />Absent were J. J. P. Hamilton, Chairman, and Donald Macdonald. Also present were Sherman N. <br />Smith, Jr., Attorney; E. E. Carter, Superintendent of Roads and Douglas Baker, Clerk. <br />Vice Chairman McCullers announced this meeting was called for the purpose of con- <br />sidering proposed legislation and such other matters as might be properly brought before the <br />Board. <br />Upon the recommendation of the following sport fishermen, who were present, namely <br />B. L. Holman, Clark Rice, Pokey Taylor and Jimmy Reams, it was moved by Commissioner W. C. <br />Graves, Jr., seconded by Commissioner Robert Graves and carried that the Board appoint Mr. <br />Donald H. Fisher custodian of the Blue Cypress Lake Fish Camp parking area which land is now <br />owned by the County, and that he be allowed use of said land free where his houseboat is parked. <br />His compensation will be the exclusive rental of boats and the exclusive operation of con- <br />cessions. This Board further recommends that Sheriff Sam Joyce appoint Mr. Fisher a Deputy <br />Sheriff to supervise fishing in the lake and policing of the place relating to parking, and <br />that he as custodian, as directed by the Board, to require orderly parking to maintain order, <br />to report and arrenst any person engaged in unlawful activities, to keep the grounds policed <br />and prevent any exclusive use of County property in the nature of buildings, docks or similar <br />items; and that the Game and Fresh Water Fish Commission be requested to look into the matter <br />of trapping and other illegal fishing activities on Blue Cypress Lake. <br />And further, that the Game and Fresh Water Fish Commission be requested to adopt <br />regulations prohibiting any fishing in Blue Cypress Lake except by rod and reel and pole fish- <br />ing. That Sheriff Sam Joyce be requested to set up these rules and regulations and put Mr. <br />Fisher in authority and control. <br />Sherman N. Smith, Jr., Attorney briefed the Board as to proposed Acts to be sub- <br />mitted to the present Legislature for passage as follows: • <br />1. An Act relating to Indian River County Health Department. <br />2. Library Fund Bill. <br />3. To repeal two (2) Special Acts which were passed in 1949 relating to fees for <br />the Clerk's Off ice . <br />4. An Act or bill relating to Riparian Rights. <br />5. An Act providing for the transfer of Plats and Records from St. Lucie County <br />to Indian River County covering lands now in Indian River County but formerly <br />in St. Lucie County. <br />6. An Act to repeal the present Act which presently provides a filing date of <br />February 1st for candidates for public office. is <br />All of the foregoing proposed bills were acceptable to the Board and it was so moved <br />upon Motion made by 'Commissioner W. C. Graves, Jr., seconded by Commissioner Robert Graves <br />and carried. <br />