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610 -7 <br /> Ile St . ohns River ao <br /> �� . Water Management District <br /> Kirby B. Green III, Executive Director • David W. Fisk.. Assistant Executive Director <br /> 4049 Reid Street • P.O. Box 1429 • Palatka, FL 32178- 1429 • (386) 329-4500 <br /> On the Internet at www. sjrwmd. com. <br /> CHANGE ORDER NUMBER 1 <br /> DATE : October 11, 2007 <br /> TO: Keith McCully, P.E. <br /> Indian River County Stormwater Division <br /> 4375 43d Ave., Unit 102 <br /> Vero Beach, FL 32967 <br /> FROM: Ralph Brown, Project Manager <br /> RE: CONTRACT/PURCHASE ORDER NUMBER: SF611AA <br /> Change Order Number 1 to Work Order Number n/a <br /> CONTRACT NAME : Sediment Flow Reduction and Other Water Quality Improvements with the <br /> Indian River Farms Water Control District <br /> PROJECT NAME: Indian River Lagoon Stormwater Management <br /> ACCOUNT NUMBER: 73-4241 -6390-8301 -04003 70-42-51 -6390-8301 -04003 76-42-58 -6390-8301 -04019 <br /> CHANGE ORDER IMPACTS: This no-cost time extension will not have any effect on other proiects. The <br /> Indian River Countv is procressing toward completion of this Memorandum Of Understanding <br /> JUSTIFICATION FOR EXTENSION (if applicable) : The District entered into a Memorandum Of <br /> Understanding (MOU) with Indian River County to provide an advancement of a Master Stormwater Plan to <br /> reduce sediment and nutrient flows to the Indian River Laizoon. Due to several construction bid protests and an <br /> unforseen delay caused by the Federal Aviation Administration requiring a permit for the construction crane at <br /> the site construction of the Main Relief Canal Pollution Control System has been delayed. Final completion of <br /> the Main Relief Canal Pollution Control System is estimated for June 2008 . The Eizret Marsh Stonnwater Park <br /> has undergone a re-design to allow construction under a phased approach because initial bids exceeded the <br /> protect budget New bids will be solicited in January 2008 and construction is estimated to be complete by <br /> October 2008 . The County has requested a 15-month no cost time extension to complete this MOU on A ril 15 <br /> 2009. District staff concurs with the County's no cost time extension request <br /> SCHEDULE/WORK ORDER AMOUNT IMPACTS: <br /> ® Extend the completion date from January 15 2008 to April 15 2009 (impact on schedule 456 days) <br /> ❑ The completion date of will not be affected by this change order. <br /> ® The amount will not be affected by this chance order. <br /> GOVERNING BOARD <br /> David G. Graham, CHAIRMAN Ann T. Moore, SECRETARY Duane L Otlenstroer, TREASJRER Susan N. Hughes <br /> JACKSONVILLE BUNNELL JACKSONVILLE PONTEVEORA <br /> Michael Ertel Hersey 'Herky' Huffman Arlen N. Jumper William W Kerr W. Leonard Wood <br /> OVIEDO ENTERPRISE FORT McCOY MELBOURNE BEACH FERNANDINA BEACH <br />