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Work Request No. EASEMENT <br /> This Instrument Prepared By <br /> Sec._, Twp _S, Rge _ E 6 ? — 3 <br /> Name: Dennis Pagano <br /> Parcel I . D. # Co. Name: Florida Power & Light Company <br /> Address: 3301 Orange Ave <br /> (Maintained by County Appraiser) Ft Pierce, FI. 34947 <br /> Form 3722 (Stocked) Rev. 7194 pg 1 of 4. <br /> The undersigned, in consideration of the payment of $ 1 . 00 and other good <br /> and valuable consideration , the adequacy and receipt of which is hereby <br /> acknowledged, grant and give to Florida Power & Light Company, its <br /> licensees, agents, successors, and assigns, an easement forever for the <br /> construction, operation and maintenance of overhead and underground <br /> electric utility facilities (including wires, pales, guys, cables, conduits and <br /> appurtenant equipment) to be installed from time to time; with the right to <br /> reconstruct, improve, add to, enlarge, change the voltage, as well as, the size <br /> of and remove such facilities or any of them within an easement 15 feet in <br /> width described as follows: eea ra, a� nco rt <br /> SEE EXHIBIT "A" ATTACHED HERETO AND MADE A PART HEREOF <br /> Together with the right to permit any other person, firm or corporation to attach wires to any facilities hereunder and lay cable <br /> and conduit within the easement and to operate the same for communications purposes; the right of ingress and egress to said <br /> premises at all times; the right to clear the land and keep it cleared of all trees, undergrowth and other obstructions within the <br /> easement area; to trim and cut and keep trimmed and cut all dead, weak, leaningor dangerous trees or limbs outside of the <br /> easement area which might interfere with or fall upon the lines or systems ofcommunicationsor power transmission or <br /> distribution; and further grants, to the fullest extent the undersigned has the power to grant, if at all, the rights hereinabove <br /> granted on the land heretofore described, over, along, under and across the roads, streets or highways adjoining or through <br /> said property. <br /> IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the undersigned has signed and sealed this instrument on Ver 4,1 d 2007, <br /> Attest: J . K. Barton, Clerk INDIAN RIVER COUNTY FLORIDA <br /> BOARD OF COUNTY CdMMISSIONERS <br /> By /Si/�///lam AI%V/� 6dC/tic1 C� <br /> . ey: <br /> Deputy Clerk <br /> Print Nam . Gary C. Wheeler, Chairman <br /> (Affix County Seal) <br /> Print Address: 1840 25'" Street. Vero Beach PL 32960 <br /> BCC Approval date ( Dl a jQ7 <br /> App ; as to Donn and legal su fisiency: <br /> Marian . Fell, Ass s ant County Attorney <br /> (Per Florida Statutes Chapter 125, County document does not require an acknowledgment for recordation.) <br /> STATE OF FLORIDA <br /> 114D1AN RIVER COUNTY ` <br /> THIS IS TO CERTIFY THAT THIS IS <br /> A TRUE AND CORRECT COPY OF <br /> THE ORIGINAL ON FILE IN THIS <br /> OFFICE <br /> JEFF ON. CL .14 <br /> On <br /> BY �} <br /> ) ATE <br />