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INDIAN RIVER COUNTY, FLORIDA <br /> BOARD MEMORANDUM <br /> TO: Joseph A. Baird, County Administrator <br /> THROUGH: James W. Davis, P.E., Public Works Director <br /> THROUGH: Jonathan C. Gorham, Ph.D ., Coastal Resource agerG G <br /> FROM: James D. Gray, Jr. , Coast2l Engineer 5G) <br /> SUBJECT: FIND Project Agreement IR-07-40ER <br /> Derelict Vessel Removal <br /> DATE: October 25, 2007 Consent Agenda <br /> DESCRIPTION AND CONDITIONS <br /> Indian River County and Florida Inland Navigation District (FIND) have committed their <br /> resources to remove several derelict vessels within the intra-Coastal Waterway (ICW) <br /> resulting from the 2004/2005 hurricanes. Attached, is Project Agreement No. IR-07- <br /> 40ER for the removal of the identified derelict vessels. The estimated project cost is <br /> $50,000 and is eligible for 50% cost sharing with FIND, not to exceed $25, 000. <br /> RECOMMENDATIONS AND FUNDING <br /> Staff recommends the approval of Project Agreement IR-07-40ER and requests the <br /> Chairman to execute both copies of the agreement. Matching County funds will be <br /> provided by the Florida Boating Improvement Fund Account No. 13321072-033490- <br /> 07027. <br /> ATTACHMENT <br /> Two (2) Copies of FIND Project Agreement No. IR-0740ER <br /> DISTRIBUTION <br /> Michael Zito, Assistant County Administrator Approved Marian Fell, Assistant County Attorney Ind�no River Conn Date <br /> Jason Brown Director, Management and Budget Admini / 1 p <br /> Edward Halsey, Finance Department B et <br /> APPROVED AGENDA ITEMut <br /> RiskManagemmt <br /> FOR 11/06/07 <br /> Pubhc Works i z5 <br /> BY Division <br /> CG lU -otS-v <br /> F: is WorwamesG0=1ict Vessel Removal\Agenda Items\memo agenda Project No IR-07-4OER_Agreemeat <br /> wi FR�D.doc <br /> 124 <br />