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WEDNESDAY, MAY 8, 1963 <br />The Board of County Commissioners of Indian River County, Florida, <br />met at the Courthouse, Vero Beach, Florida, in a regular meeting held at <br />8:00 o'clock, A. M., Wednesday, May 8, 1963. All members were present. <br />Also present were Ed Schmucker, County Engineer, John Sutherland, Attorney, <br />and Al Webber and Freda Wright, Deputy Clerks. <br />The Chairman asked if there were gny changes or additions to be <br />made to.the Minutes of April 3 and 17, 1963. There were none and upon <br />Motion made by Commissioner McCullers, seconded by Commissioner Macdonald <br />and unanimously carried, the minutes were approved as read. <br />Gladys Vigliano, County Welfare Worker, appeared before the Board <br />and gave a report of her activities for the month of April and filed a <br />written report with the Board. She requested approval of burial expense <br />for two colored babies in the amount of $35.00 each. Motion was made by <br />Commissioner McCullers, seconded by Commissioner Macdonald and unanimously <br />carried, that the same is approved. <br />Joe Michael appeared before the Board to discuss the proposed en- <br />largement of Pelican Island National Wildlife Refuge. Also present and <br />heard were Ralph Peterson, Henry G. Simmonite, William Hutter, Art Marshall, <br />A. Lee Bradford, Shirley Bohart, Louis Adair, John Morrison, Mrs. Romance, <br />Harold Steward and Bill Payne. After hearing all persons present, the <br />Chairman appointed Commissioner McCullers, Commissioner Macdonald, Joe <br />Michael, Jack Jennings, Henry G. Simmonite, John Sutherland and Robert <br />Lloyd to serve with him as a committee to study and learn just what the <br />situation might be so that a fair and just decision can be made by the <br />Board of County Commissioners. <br />Frank Zorc appeared before the Board to discuss road right-of-way <br />on Old Dixie Highway to be taken from his property in Gabler's Subdivision. <br />After considerable discussion, Motion was made by Commissioner Macdonald, se- <br />conded by Commissioner Waddell and unanimously carried, that upon conveyance <br />of the East 15 feet of Lot 11, Gabler Subdivision to the County and in the <br />event Old Dixie Highway is widened or reconstructed for an adequate two lane <br />pavement or four laning opposite the lot as described above, that the County <br />will iJJ _ SASEtrW7_ <br />