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Indian River Courthouse, Florida L U� <br /> Maintenance Contract — Agreement No. # IRC0001 =04152004=1 -SY1 -R <br /> p1. <br /> QR1� <br /> MAINTENANCE AGREEMENT <br /> AGREEMENT NO . : IRC0001 -04152004- 1 -SY1 -R <br /> CUSTOMER : Indian River County Board of County Commissioners <br /> ADDRESS : 1840 25" Street <br /> Vero Beach , Florida 32960 <br /> American Megacom , Inc . (AMI ) agrees to maintain the Dolman Court Recorder system that is currently <br /> installed in seven ( 7 ) courtrooms at the Indian River Courthouse in Florida . A detailed list of Equipment <br /> that is covered under this maintenance agreement is specified in Appendix A . The maintenance of this <br /> equipment is subject to the terms and conditions set out below: <br /> CONDITIONS OF AGREEMENT <br /> 1 DEFINITIONS <br /> In this Agreement the following terms have the following meanings : <br /> 1 . 1 . Telephone Support <br /> Telephone support from a qualified service technician or engineer. AMI will provide technical <br /> support to the client to address system operation or outages . The technician will provide an <br /> assessment to the client as to whether the failure can be handled over the phone or require a site <br /> visit. <br /> If the outage can be addressed over the phone the technician will proceed to work with the client <br /> to resolve the issue to avoid an on-site maintenance call . <br /> 1 . 3. Preventive Maintenance <br /> Maintenance performed to preserve the life of the equipment. This maintenance will be <br /> scheduled by AMI support services and includes inspections , cleanings , system checks and fine- <br /> tuning adjustments . Recommended frequency is 2 times per year <br /> 1 .4. Corrective Maintenance <br /> Maintenance performed to correct or repair equipment that is not operating correctly . This <br /> maintenance is scheduled by the customer upon equipment failure . It consists of diagnosing the <br /> problem , correcting or repair the equipment so that it operates correctly . Frequency of this type is <br /> as required by the customer. <br /> Purchase of new equipment when necessary is the responsibility of the client at the direction of <br /> an AMI technical support person . All effort will be made to repair the existing hardware and avoid <br /> the added expense . <br /> 1 . 5. Spare Parts Management <br /> American Megacom will maintain inventory at the customer' s site in a pre-determined location . <br /> AMI will provide bi-annual inventory reports to the customer and make recommendations to the <br /> customer regarding appropriate inventory levels of equipment . Inventory replenishment is the <br /> responsibility of the client. AMI could do the replenishment on a " cost plus" basis . <br /> Indian River Dolman Maintenance Rev 2a2004 .doc 1 2004 - 2005 <br />