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This change has a schedule impact of 75 days to the Project. General Conditions Costs associated with the <br /> Extension of Time are not included in this COR. The Extension of Time is included in COR-094 along with other <br /> concurrent Extensions of Time . <br /> Please return one ( 1 ) signed copy of this letter indicating your authorization to process this Change Order Request <br /> which does not change our Contract Amount. Following final approval of the actual Change Order by the Board of <br /> County Commissioners, the Owner's Contingency will be decreased by Twenty Six Thousand Six Hundred Forty <br /> Dollars ($26 ,640 .). This approval will also authorize us to issue Subcontract Change Orders as required . <br /> If you have any questions regarding this Change Order Request, please call me at your earliest convenience. <br /> S/incerely ( ,� <br /> Mike ugherty ilYf//J�\ <br /> Sr. Project Engineer <br /> Source of Funding : <br /> Recommended By: Date : cl- ' s)7 <br /> Steve Blum-Project Manager /,� <br /> Approved By: � ,e& i. .. _ Date:_ �/ �3 / 2 <br /> Tom Frame-Director of G ral Services . �77--" <br /> cc: COR-102 , PCO- 110, Cost, Purchasing , Accounting , Donadio, Tom Frame <br />