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007--171 <br /> INDIAN RIVER COUNTY <br /> Oslo Road Widening from 43rd Avenue to east of 27th Avenue <br /> AMENDMENT NO. 3 TO THE PROFESSIONAL ENGINEERING/LAND SURVEYING <br /> SERVICES AGREEMENT BETWEEN KIMLEY -HORN AND ASSOCIATES , INC . AND <br /> INDIAN RIVER COUNTY, FLORIDA . <br /> This is an amendment to the existing Engineering/Land Surveying Services Agreement <br /> (AGREEMENT) dated May 24th , 2005 between Kimley-Horn and Associates , Inc . <br /> (ENGINEER) and Indian River County (COUNTY ) . This amendment addresses changes in <br /> " Section III - Scope of Services " and " Section V - Compensation " of the AGREEMENT . <br /> Amendment Description <br /> This Amendment includes the following : <br /> " SECTION III — SCOPE OF SERVICES " is being modified to incorporate the following : <br /> The ENGINEER agrees to perform professional roadway design and related services in <br /> connection with the project as required and set forth in the following : <br /> A . Supplemental Stormwater Facility Survey : <br /> Additional topographic survey data will be required to facilitate the design and permitting <br /> of two (2) proposed stormwater facilities . The topographic survey is anticipated to <br /> include the proposed pond sites and access/ drainage easements associated with each site . <br /> A tree survey will be conducted within the limits of the proposed stormwater facility to <br /> locate cabbage palms 10 ' overall height or greater and hardwood trees 12" or larger at <br /> diameter breast height (dbh ) . This element will require an environmental scientist to <br /> identify the specific trees that are listed in the County ' s code and may be impacted by the <br /> project . <br /> This task will also include preparation of up to 4 legal descriptions and sketches <br /> associated with parcels identified where acquisition and/or temporary construction <br /> easements are depicted within the Roadway Plans . <br /> B . Supplemental Geotechnical Investigation : <br /> All geotechnical investigation work will be contracted under the County ' s General <br /> Consultant Geotechnical Contract and coordinated by the COUNTY . <br /> C . Roadway Plan Modifications : <br /> The roadway construction plans shall be amended to include Oslo Road east of 27 1h <br /> Avenue for a distance of approximately 550 linear feet to tie to the 5 - lane urban section <br />