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INDIAN RIVER COUNTY <br /> PUBLIC WORKS DEPARTMENT <br /> PROFESSIONAL CIVIL ENGINEERING SERVICES AGREEMENT <br /> FOR COMPLETION OF REQUIRED IMPROVEMENTS AT <br /> QUAIL CREEK SUBDIVISION . <br /> This AGREEMENT , entered into this 16th day of June <br /> 2009 , by and between INDIAN RIVER COUNTY , a political subdivision of the State of <br /> Florida, hereinafter referred to as the COUNTY , and MBV Engineering , Inc . , Vero Beach, <br /> Florida, hereinafter referred to as the ENGINEER . <br /> WITNESSETH <br /> The COUNTY and the ENGINEER, in consideration of their mutual covenants, herein <br /> agree with respect to the performance of professional civil engineering, land surveying and <br /> related services by or through the ENGINEER and the payment for those services by the <br /> COUNTY as set forth below. <br /> The ENGINEER shall provide professional engineering and related services for the <br /> COUNTY for the project described in Section I — Project Limits and Description ; and shall give <br /> professional engineering and land surveying advice to the COUNTY during the performance of <br /> the services to be rendered as outlined in Section III — Scope of Services . <br /> SECTION I - PROJECT LIMITS AND DESCRIPTION <br /> Consultant services are required for assistance in the completion of required <br /> improvements in Quail Creek Subdivision , located in unincorporated Indian River County, <br /> Florida . The improvements identified by the COUNTY consist of the following : <br /> Provide an as built drawing of the proposed project to determine the amount of grading <br /> and excavation work remaining to be completed . Complete a "punch list" of <br /> improvements that have not been satisfactorily completed including paving, grading , <br /> drainage and landscaping . Analyze the condition of the irrigation system separately to <br /> determine its status . <br /> Prepare technical specifications , grading plans and bid quantities for COUNTY ' s use in <br /> bidding the project. Attend a pre - bid meeting for the project . <br /> Provide construction inspection, prepare necessary certifications and complete as built <br /> preparation for the completed project . <br /> SECTION II - COUNTY OBLIGATIONS <br /> The COUNTY agrees to provide (in a timely manner) the following material , data, or <br /> services as required in connection with the work to be performed under this Agreement ; all of <br /> which information the ENGINEER may use and reasonably rely upon : <br /> C :ADocuments and Settings\bowlesa0kLocal Settings\Temporary Internet 11'i1es\0LKF8\Quai1 Creek GOR Agreement (2 ) . doc <br /> 1 <br />