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WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 8e 1967 <br />The Board of County Commissioners of Indian River County, Florida, <br />met in regular 'session at the Courthouse, Vero Beach, Florida, on Wed- <br />nesday, February 8, 1967, at 8:30 o'clock A. M. Present were Robert <br />W. Graves, Chairman, . B. McCullers, Jr., Donald Macdonald, Richard <br />Bogosian, and Jack Dritenbas. Also present were Sherman N. Smith, <br />County Attorney; Jack Jennings, County Administrator; and Alfred H. <br />Webber and Ruth. Elliott, Deputy Clerks. <br />The Chairman asked if there were any corrections to the minutes <br />of January 4, 1967 and January 18,, 1967. There were none and on Motion <br />by Commissioner McCullers, seconded by Commissioner Macdonald and <br />unanimously carried, the minutes were approved. <br />Mr. Roland B. Miller; Trustee of the Indian River County Hospital <br />District, appeared before the Board to'request the County to furnish <br />approximately 175 yards of marl for the front of the new hospital addition,, <br />to be used for parking and also their beautification plans. After <br />discussion, Commissioner Macdonald moved that the request .be approved, <br />ks'N, <br />seconded by Commissioner Bogosian. and unanimously carried. <br />Mr. Homer Ce Fletcher, Tax Assessor,' advised .the ::.•ard that he had <br />the specifications for the equipment that the County is to purchase for <br />his office in the new Courthouse Annex, and.requested the Board to <br />authorize the County Attorney to prepare the necessary legal advertisement <br />for the Board for the purchase of the equipment. After discussion, <br />Commissioner Macdonald moved,' seconded by Commissioner Dritenbas and <br />unanimously. carried, that the County Attorney be authorized to prepare the <br />legal ad,in conjunction with Mr. Fletcher"s request, for the purchase <br />of this equipment. <br />After discussion, Motion was made by Commissioner Macdonald, <br />seconded by Commissioner Bogosian and unanimously carried, that.the Tax <br />Assessor be authorized to Orepare the necessary legal advertisement for <br />the lease purchase, on the five year plan, of an automatic accounting <br />machine, an automatic tape operated graphotype, and a flexowriter and <br />tape perforator.. <br />600K 10 vaceZ38 <br />