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WEDNESDAY, APRIL 19, 1967 <br />The Board of County Coissioners of Indian River County met <br />in Regular Session at the. Courthouse, Vero Beach, Florida on Wed- <br />nesday, April 19, 1967, at 8:30 o°clock A. M. Present were Vice - <br />Chairman D. B. McCullers, Donald Macdonald, Richard P. Bogosian and <br />Jack D. Dritenbas. Absent was Chairman Robert W. Graves. Also present <br />were County Attorney Sherman N. Smith, Jr.; County Administrator Jack <br />G. Jennings and Alfred H. Webber and Ruth Elliott, Deputy Clerks. <br />Mr. James V. Slade, Conservationist, introduced Mr.. Richard Thomas <br />andsMr. Don Sembler, commerical fishermen; Mfrs. Murray Michaels, Pelican <br />Island Audubon Society President; Mr. Paul E. Summers, President of <br />Sebastian Inlet Conservation Club; Mr. Lawrence Wineland, Wildlife <br />technican, Pelican Island National Wildlife Refuge; Mr. Larry Shanks <br />of the Florida Game and Fresh Water Fish Commission; Mr. Hector Thornberg, <br />Conservationist; Mr. James L. Hair, President of the Vero Beach Anglers <br />Club and Mr. Robert Allison, Mayor of the City of Vero Beach, all of <br />whom were present -in regard to the report of the Florida State Board <br />of Conservation dated April 12 pertaining to conservation,gcounty <br />bulkhead lines and dredging areas./ After hearing further evidence <br />from the delegation, and upon Motion made by Commissioner Macdonald, <br />seconded by Commissioner Bogosian, the following Resolution was <br />unanimously adopted: <br />APR 1 9.1967 <br />10 Mai133 <br />