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mom <br /> GEOSYNTEC CONSULTANTS <br /> Janet B . Dunlap, P . E . <br /> 18 March 2005 <br /> Page 3 <br /> ionization detector) . Based upon the soil screening results , the two soil samples <br /> exhibiting the highest methane-corrected OVA response will be submitted for <br /> laboratory analyses . If no OVA meter responses are recorded above background <br /> levels, only one soil sample will be selected for laboratory analysis , and it will <br /> be collected from just above the water table in the immediate vicinity of the <br /> historical detection (SS - 5 location presented in the CAR) . The collected soil <br /> sample(s) will be laboratory analyzed for BTEX/MTBE by EPA Method 8021 , <br /> PAHs by EPA Method 8310 , and TRPH by FL-PRO . Based upon the laboratory <br /> analytical results , if any of the soil sample constituents exceed leachability <br /> based on groundwater criteria referenced in Chapter 62- 777 , FAC , the samples <br /> will be analyzed by the synthetic precipitation leaching procedure (SPLP) , to <br /> evaluate if the soil could leach to groundwater above the applicable CTL . <br /> • Install two piezometers using hand auger equipment to assist with evaluating the <br /> direction of groundwater flow . <br /> • Survey the top-of-casing elevations of the newly installed groundwater <br /> monitoring wells and piezometers to a relative datum . <br /> • Collect a set of groundwater level measurements in the piezometers and <br /> monitoring wells . <br /> Task 3 . Site Assessment Letter <br /> Following completion of the field activities , GeoSyntec will prepare a brief letter <br /> report on the findings . The letter report will include the following : <br /> • a brief summary of the field activities ; <br /> • summary tables of the soil and groundwater sampling results ; <br /> • basic Geographical Information System (GIS ) maps of the boring locations with <br /> approximate groundwater flow direction ; and <br /> • recommendations for further action, if necessary , or for an NFA, if appropriate . <br /> Please be advised that this report does not constitute a Chapter 62-770 , FAC , Site <br /> Assessment Report ( SAR) . A formal SAR may not be required based upon the results <br /> of the proposed field activities . Two draft copies of the letter report will be provided to <br /> IRCFM for review. Upon receipt of IRC review comments , five copies of the final <br /> letter report, which will be signed and sealed by a licensed Professional Engineer or <br /> Geologist, will be provided to IRCFM for submittal to Indian River County Department <br /> of Health and Brevard County Department of Natural Resources . <br /> XR050023 /XR05XXXX/IRC —Limited Petroleum Site Assessment <br />