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WEDNESDAY, MAY 3, 1967 <br />The Board of County Commissioners of ,Indian River County, Florida.` <br />met in special session at the Courthouse, Vero Beach, Florida, on <br />Wednesday, May 3, 1967, at 8:00 o'clock A. M. ;Present were D. B. Mc- <br />Cullers, Vice -Chairman; Donald Macdonald, Richard P. Bogosian, and Jack! <br />b• <br />U. Dritenbas. Absent was Chairman Robert W. Graves. Also present Were: <br />County Attorney Sherman N. Smith, Jr.; County Administrator Jack G:: <br />Jennings; and Ruth Elliott, Deputy Clerk. <br />Homer C. Fletcher, Tax Assessor, was present and urged that th+ <br />draft which he had prepared of the proposed bill pertaining to the <br />consolidation of the tax assessment and collection offices of the <br />City of Vero Beach and the County be introduced in the present Legis- <br />lature so that if the City elects to consolidate, there will be some- <br />thing to go by. After considerable discussion, it was moved by Comissioner <br />'Macdonald, seconded by Commissioner Dritenbas and unanimously carried, <br />that the County Attorney be requested to contact the City Attorney and <br />discuss further the problems of the enactment of the bill authorizing <br />the County to assess and collect taxes for the City of Vero Beach. <br />Motion was made by Commissioner Macdonald, seconded by Commissioner <br />Bogosian and unanimously carried, that the County accept the offer of <br />the County Judge to compromise and settle all matters concerning his <br />compensation, by the County Judge waiving any compensation for any past, <br />unpaid compensation; by the County agreeing to pay, beginning October 1, <br />1967, compensation in accordance with theprovisionsrof Section 145.061 <br />as it now exists, plus compensation according to Section 34.21, Florida <br />Statutes, plus compensation fixed by law for.the Judge of the Juvenile <br />Court, in respective amounts of $11,500.90, $1,200.00, and $3,500.00 <br />each, per annum. <br />The County Attorney, having received suggestions and recommendations <br />from the State Board of Conservation, submitted a draft of a proposed <br />bill prohibiting the transportation of oysters or clams, from the County <br />by others than dealers, and which would repeal Chapter 57-1411, Laws of <br />Florida, relating to oysters. After discussint the proposed bill, thl <br />MAY 3 1967 <br />BOOR 10 ppCE342 <br />