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Board decided to request a member of the State Board of Conservation to <br />meet with them for further discussion and clarification before taking any <br />action. <br />Mr. Ed Carter discussed with the Board the proposed water storage <br />area of the Central and Southern Florida Flood Control District in the <br />Lake Wilmington area trot which water could be borrowed in dry periods <br />such as we are now experiencing and the necessity of a public body <br />with authority,to provide the necessary facilities and money to in- <br />augurate the system to get the water from the storage area to the <br />entite'_county, t, Thi'a would be a long range program, hepointed out. <br />After. considerable discussion, it was moved by Commissioner Macdonald,, <br />seconded by Commissioner Dritenbas and unanimously carried, that tie <br />Board sponsor a special act authorizing the Board of County Commissioners <br />to exercise broad and general powers in the conservation and use ok <br />surface waters irk the County. <br />There being".'no further -business, on motion made ,seconded and; <br />carried, the Board adjourned at 9:55 o'clock A. M. <br />Aeg <br />D. B. McCRS,JR.,.,; <br />V j -CHAIRMAN <br />RALPH HARRIS, CLERK <br />MAY 3 1967 <br />eo10 e4c443 <br />