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t 1 <br /> y * <br /> Work Order Number 1 <br /> Edlund, Dritenbas-Binkley Architects and Associates <br /> Architectural Services Proposal <br /> Indian River County <br /> Administration Building School Board Wing <br /> Re-roofing Project <br /> Background : <br /> Indian River County as owner of the County Administration Building and landlord of the office <br /> space occupied by the Indian River County <br /> School District is required by lease to maintain the roof of the facility. <br /> The School District plans to occupy the space for the foreseeable future and has invested funds in <br /> the interior space and other operational aspects of the facility. The facility roof system is <br /> approaching twenty years of age and it is no longer practical to perform maintenance type <br /> repairs . Further the building codes for today' s structures are significantly enhanced from the <br /> current installation . The area of the building involved is single story approximately 24 , 000 <br /> square feet . <br /> The County has retained Edlund Dritenbas-Binkley Architects and Associates to perform <br /> evaluation of roofing systems suitable for the installation, prepare design documents, provide <br /> assistance in obtaining competitive bid proposals, proposal evaluation and construction <br /> administration of the project . <br /> Scope of Services : <br /> Design <br /> 1 . Review of existing site conditions <br /> The Architect will review existing site conditions including the substrate, insulation, edge <br /> metal and flashing. <br /> 2 . Preliminary Design <br /> The Architect will provide a preliminary report of the site conditions and evaluation of <br /> roofing systems to be considered . This will include a preliminary cost estimate for all <br /> options to be considered. <br /> 3 . Preparation of design documents <br /> The Architect will prepare and submit for review the necessary plans and specifications <br /> for the roof replacement project . This will include Project manual . <br /> 4 . Progress meetings <br /> The Architect will submit drawings and specifications at the 50% and 90% complete <br /> stage for review by the County. This will include a budget estimate . At each stage the <br /> Architect will schedule a meeting for staff review of the documents, to answer any <br /> questions and/or comments . <br />