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M „ Kimley-Horn <br /> ►.'i M FI and Associates, Inc. <br /> Attachment 1 <br /> Work Order Number 17 <br /> Addition of 90th Avenue and CR 510 <br /> In-Line Wastewater Master Pump Station <br /> (North County Elementary School Site) <br /> Project Description and Understandine <br /> Construction of a new in-line master wastewater pump station near the intersection of CR 510 and <br /> 90"' Avenue is necessary to pump wastewater to the North WWTP . This pump station will redirect <br /> flows and relieve Chesters Gap area and boost pressure through the existing 12-inch forcemain on <br /> CR 510. The station will be dedicated tore-directing flows from Chesters Gap area to the North <br /> WWTP and relieve a hydraulic restriction in this area. <br /> The project will consist of construction of a new facility similar to the station designed for 64" <br /> Avenue and CR 510 under work order #2 . Both of these proposed stations were identified in the <br /> 2004 Master Plan prepared by PBS&J. During the design of 64`h Avenue facility it was determined <br /> that the 90`h Ave station was more critical in meeting demands and re-directing flows sooner rather <br /> than later as described in the Master Plan. Furthermore, as result of the hydraulic analysis for the <br /> 64" Avenue station, it was determined that construction of the 64`h Avenue station can be <br /> postponed and possibly be eliminated. Minor modifications to the existing stations between 90th <br /> and 64"i Avenues which may be necessary as a result of increasing pressures from the in-line pump <br /> station will also be included under this work order. <br /> The facility (building, pump room, electrical room) has been designed under WO #2, and will <br /> consist of a concrete building (CBS) which will house the pumps, electrical gear, instrumentation <br /> and telemetry, and generator. The property acquisition for this station is currently under <br /> negotiation by the Utility Department' s staff The station will be located at the North County <br /> Elementary School site near the intersection of CR 510 and 90°i Avenue, adjacent to Lateral "D" <br /> Canal . Carter Associates, Inc. drawing C-2 for the North County Elementary School identifies the <br /> location of this pump station . <br /> Normal anticipated flows for the pump station are expected to range from 500 gpm to 1500 gpm, <br /> which represent diversion of flows from the area through build-out conditions per the 2004 Master <br /> Plan prepared by PBS&J. The size of the station will provide space for future VFD ' s to account <br /> for the wide range of flows and/or an allowance for multiple pumps in the future. Smaller size <br /> pumps (600 gpm) with across the line starters will be designed for now, with space for piping and <br /> electrical gear for larger sizes pumps in the future . Modeling scenarios, using IRCU ' s existing <br /> sewer system hydraulic model will be evaluated to determine the recommended option and phasing <br /> plan. <br /> The station will also consist of backup auxiliary power using a diesel driven generator with an <br /> automatic transfer switch. Radio telemetry will be included for remote monitoring and control and <br /> match IRCU ' s standard. It is assumed that Data Flow system will be specified . <br /> C:\Documents and Settings\lbrown\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files\OLK13F\90th Ave In-line Wastewater Booster Station - rev <br /> 3 .doc Page 1 <br />