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EXHIBIT A <br /> SCOPE OF SERVICES <br /> PRELIMINARY ENGINEERING REPORT FOR <br /> EXPANSION AND UPGRADE OF THE NORTH REGIONAL WWTF <br /> INDIAN RIVER COUNTY, FLORIDA <br /> Background <br /> Indian River County owns and operates four wastewater treatment facilities (WWTFs) , <br /> identified as the Central, North, South and West Regional WWTFs . In 2000, the North <br /> Regional WWTF was taken out of service to take advantage of unused capacity at the <br /> Central Regional WWTF . Since that time, wastewater flows conveyed to the North <br /> Regional WWTF have been pumped to the Central Regional WWTF for treatment and <br /> disposal. Over the past few years, however, Indian River County has experienced a <br /> significant increase in construction permits and development applications, suggesting that <br /> the Central Regional WWTF may soon not have the capacity available to accommodate <br /> wastewater flows generated in the North Regional WWTF service area. Accordingly, Indian <br /> River County has plans to upgrade and expand the North Regional WWTF and place the <br /> plant back into operation. <br /> The existing North Regional WWTF has a permitted annual average daily flow (AADF) <br /> capacity of 0 . 85 million gallons per day (mgd) , although County operations personnel report <br /> that unit processes at the plant may be hydraulically limited. Unit processes at the facility <br /> include screening and grit removal, flow equalization, an oxidation ditch with a " boat" type <br /> internal clarifier, a traveling bridge filter and a chlorine contact chamber. There is also a <br /> small septage receiving station located at the plant. Effluent disposal, when the facility was <br /> in operation, was by irrigation at the Sand Ridge Golf Course . There is no permitted surface <br /> water discharge from the plant. Residual solids that are wasted from the biological treatment <br /> process are pumped to a sludge holding tank and periodically hauled to the Central Regional <br /> WWTF for processing. Based on a preliminary inspection, the physical condition of the <br /> North Regional WWTF is below average, due in large part to several years of inactivity. <br /> In 2004, Post, Buckley, Schuh & Jernigan, Inc . (PBS&J) completed an update to the <br /> County's water and wastewater master plan. In a recent amendment to that master plan <br /> update, PBS&J recommended that the County bring the North Regional WWTF back on <br /> line, and increase its AADF capacity from 0 . 85 mgd to 2 mgd. Based on the PBS&J <br /> projections , this additional capacity at the North Regional WWTF should be sufficient <br /> through the year 2015 , when a subsequent expansion to 4 mgd will be needed. <br /> The objective of this project is to identify the improvements needed to provide the required <br /> capacity at the North Regional WWTF and to provide the permitting and design services <br /> necessary for their construction . The initial phase of the project will be to develop a <br /> Preliminary Engineering Report (PER) that will provide Indian River County with a site <br /> master plan and the basis of design for initial and subsequent future improvements at the <br /> S: \ 041077\ IRC North Regional WWTF Expansion\ Exhibit A_revl .doc <br />