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North Regional WWTF . Wet weather storage options will also be evaluated . The PER will <br /> provide the basis for permitting of initial improvements by the Florida Department of <br /> Environmental Protection (FDEP) . Subsequent phases of work will include detailed design, <br /> assistance during bidding and construction phase services . <br /> Because it is not yet possible to define the initial improvements that will be designed as part <br /> of this project, this Scope of Services only includes that work associated with preparation of <br /> the PER and an application for a construction permit from the FDEP . After the PER has <br /> been completed and a construction permit has been approved, a scope of services , budget <br /> and completion schedule for design of the recommended improvements will be negotiated <br /> with Indian River County. The following task descriptions summarize the work activities to <br /> be performed by Brown and Caldwell (BC) during the PER and permitting phase of the <br /> project. <br /> Task 1 - Project Management <br /> Project management includes contract administration and project review meetings with <br /> Indian River County staff. <br /> Subtask 1. 1 — Contract Administration. Prepare a Project Management Plan and <br /> negotiate subconsultant agreements . Monitor the progress of work by all members of the <br /> BC Team on a regular basis to assure compliance with the established schedule and budget. <br /> Review and process subconsultant invoices and documentation of services completed. <br /> Prepare monthly summaries of work completed to accompany BC invoices to Indian River <br /> County for periodic payment. <br /> Subtask 1. 2 — Project Review Meetings . Prepare for and attend periodic project status <br /> meetings with Indian River County staff to review the progress of work on the project. The <br /> first meeting will be a project kick-off meeting and will be held prior to the initiation of <br /> work. Subsequent meetings will be held at approximately monthly intervals thereafter. The <br /> meetings will be attended by the BC project manager, as well as other members of the BC <br /> Team as may be appropriate for the issues to be discussed. A total of six project review <br /> meetings have been assumed for budgeting purposes as follows : <br /> Meeting 1 : Project kick-off meeting <br /> Meeting 2 : Project status update ; presentation of site master plan concepts <br /> Meeting 3 : Project status update; presentation of recommended site master plan <br /> and initial plant improvements <br /> Meeting 4: Project status update; presentation of 90 percent PER and draft <br /> FDEP permit application <br /> Meeting 5 : Project status update ; review of County comments on 90 percent <br /> PER and draft FDEP permit application <br /> Meeting 6 : Project status update ; review of FDEP comments on permit <br /> application <br /> All project review meetings will be conducted at the Indian River County Administration <br /> Building unless otherwise directed by Indian River County staff. BC will prepare meeting <br /> summaries following each meeting and distribute them to all attendees . <br /> S: \041077\ IRC North Regional WWl'F Expansion\Exhibit A revl . doe <br />