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ATTACHMENT A <br /> SCOPE OF PROFESSIONAL SERVICES <br /> INDIAN RIVER COUNTY SOLID WASTE DISPOSAL DISTRICT <br /> ENGINEERING SERVICES FOR <br /> HURRICANE INDUCED DAMAGE <br /> TO THE LANDFILL GAS COLLECTION SYSTEM - 2004/ 2005 <br /> INTRODUCTION <br /> Indian River County is at the Substantial Completion milestone of the project to construct an <br /> active Landfill Gas (LFG) Extraction and Control System for the Class I Landfill . The LFG <br /> system was in the testing phase and had been balanced several times in preparation of the <br /> acceptance testing for the flare. Since the flare system was damaged during the hurricanes, <br /> CDM incurred additional expenses for the work that had to be repeated . This pr posal is for <br /> reviewing and negotiating with the Contractor for the scope and budget for hurr ' cane damage, <br /> undertaking additional steps necessary for system certification to the FDEP, and aking <br /> modifications to prevent future damage . <br /> CDM will assist Indian River County with the startup of this LFG Collection system and with <br /> some additional design modifications of the system necessitated by the hurricanes . The entire <br /> system was inspected in the field and damage catalogued . The work is further described by the <br /> tasks below : <br /> TASK 1 .0 - LFG COLLECTION SYSTEM CERTIFICATION <br /> Task 1 . 1 Start- Up And Initial System Balancing <br /> CDM had placed the blower/ flare system into operation drawing landfill gas from the landfill <br /> gas system prior to the hurricanes . The blower will be checked for proper rotation and <br /> operation and the flare will be checked for repetitive ignition, safety shutdown, and proper <br /> operation. These activities were repeated after the hurricanes in exceedance of the original <br /> scope of service . In order to certify the system as complete in accordance with F EP another <br /> final balancing must occur. The services described below are for the additional s rvices <br /> performed as a direct result of the hurricanes . <br /> Task 1 . 2 System Operational Certification <br /> CDM traversed the LFG collection system and balanced the well field for uniform vacuum <br /> throughout the system prior to the hurricanes . The balancing includes recording [vacuum levels <br /> as well as performance of a field gas analysis at each well. The balancing of the s stem had <br /> nearly been achieved prior to the hurricanes and had to be repeated as a result of damage <br /> sustained to the collection system during the hurricane . CDM will confirm the operational <br /> condition of the system as the system is rebalanced by the landfill operator, as necessary, to <br /> achieve the optimal operation. <br /> After the blower/ flare system has been placed into full operation, CDM will travFerse the LFG <br /> collection system and balance the well field for uniform vacuum throughout the ystem. The <br /> A-1 mh1938. doc <br />