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Page 2 of 4 <br /> Work Order #4 Additional Services <br /> County GIS Vertical Control Mapping <br /> SECTION III — DELIVERABLES <br /> As outlined in the attached ( Exhibit "A") hereon . A preliminary submittal of the map <br /> and data sheet formats shall be provided to the County for review and approval prior <br /> to final applications . <br /> SECTION IV - TIME FOR COMPLETION <br /> Scope of Services as indicated in Section II hereon and Items 1 through 4 of the SURVEYORS <br /> scope of services (exhibit A) shall be completed within 20 calendar days of the completion of the <br /> original ; Work Order No. 3 task. <br /> Note : Time for completion is reliant on the county review and comments of the preliminary <br /> submittal . <br /> SECTION V — COMPENSATION <br /> The COUNTY agrees to pay, and the SURVEYOR agrees to accept, a fee for <br /> services rendered according to the all items as defined in Sections Il , III and IV of <br /> this Work Order No . 4 , LUMP SUM of $2, 000. 00 <br /> [REMAINDER OF THIS PAGE LEFT BLANK INTENTIONALLY] <br /> >C:\Documents and Settings\lee.powers\Local SettingsUemporary Internet Files\OLK244\0504 Cory Vertical Mapping Nick Miller-IRC WO#4 <br /> additional sery 10-23-07-mob.doc <br />