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MONDAY, OCTOBER 30, 1967 <br />The Board of County.Commissioners of Indian River County met in <br />Special Session on Monday, October 30, 1967, at 8:30 A.M. at the Courthouse, <br />Vero Beach, Florida. Present were Robert W. Graves, Chairman; D. B. <br />McCullers, Jr; Vice -Chairman; Richard P. Bogosian and Jack U. Dritenbas. <br />Absent was Donald MacDonald. Also present were County Attorney, Sherman <br />N. Smith, Jr.; Tax Assessor, Homer <br />H. Webber. <br />C. Fletcher and Deputy Clerk, Alfred <br />Mr. Homer C. Fletcher, Tax Assessor, presented the Tax Rolls for <br />the year 1967 on Real and Personal Property and also on Intangible <br />Personal Property Assessment Rolls, which were examined and found to <br />be correct. He reported the following taxes extended on Real and <br />Personal Property roll: <br />County $ 896,937.23 <br />Schools, Maintenance 2,349,701.59 <br />Schools, Bonds 242,917.93 <br />Florida State Board of Health , 55,857.37 <br />Indian River Hospital, Maintenance 114,229.12 <br />Hospital, Bonds 43,603.54 <br />Sebastian Inlet District 27,628.79 <br />Mosquito Control District 163,254.72 <br />Central & Southern Florida Flood Control 82,223.81 <br />Florida Inland Navigation District 18,478.61 <br />Indian River Shores 5,886.99 <br />Sebastian River Drainage District 13,011.25 <br />St. John's River Drainage District 217,818.00 <br />Indian River Farms Drainage District 92,186.50 <br />Total $4,323,735.45 <br />Intangible Personal Property Assessment Roll: <br />Valuation <br />Class A $46,489,688.00 <br />Class B 139,920,327.00 <br />Class D 4,628,385.00 <br />Total <br />, On Motion by Commissioner Dritenbas, <br />I <br />McCullers, the following <br />Tax <br />$ 4,648.96 <br />139,921.42 <br />4,628.27 <br />149,198.65 w/penalties $646!_97 <br />seconded by Commissioner <br />Resolutionwas unanimously adopted: <br />°CT it9 1967 <br />soot <br />