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RESOLUTION NO. 67- 6 7 <br />WHEREAS, the County Assessor of Taxes has completed the <br />assessment rolls of this county and the assessments have been reviewed and <br />equalized; and, <br />WHEREAS, the amount of taxes to be raised for the county and <br />special tax school districts or other special tax purposes has been determined, <br />calculated and carried out to constitute the total amount of county taxes setting <br />opposite to the aggregate sum set down as the valuation of real and personal <br />property and the Assessor has extended the same and added up the column of <br />assessment of taxes contained in the assessment rolls and made recapitulato <br />tables in the form prescribed by the Comptroller and made out two fair copies <br />of the assessment roll so completed and has annexed to the original and each <br />copy his affidavit stating that the assessment roll contains a true statement <br />and description of all persons; and property in Indian River County, Florida, <br />subject to taxation or liable to be assessed therein and the value thereof so far <br />as they are made known by him are just and correct so far as he has been able <br />to ascertain; and, <br />WHEREAS, the County Assessor of Taxes has turned over the <br />original and copies of the said tax assessment rolls to this board at this <br />meeting where the members of this board did examine and compare the original <br />and the two copies and after such examination have found no mistakes or in- <br />accuracies in .description or of other character; Now, therefore, <br />The Board of County Commissioners of Indian River County, <br />Florida, resolves: <br />That this board does find and determine that the original and <br />copies of the tax assessment rolls are correct, which shall be further evi- <br />denced by a certificate which shall be executed by at least three members of <br />this board and the County Assessor of Taxes is directed to issue and annex to <br />one of said books the warrants as provided by law and a copy of said warrants <br />shall be recorded in the minutes of this board. <br />8001. 10 PAGE 499 <br />our 9 0 1967 <br />Smith, Heath, Smith & O'Haire, Attorneys At Law, Vero Beach, Florida <br />