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FRIDAY DECEMBER 15, 1967 <br />The Board of County Commissioners of Indian River County, Florida <br />met in special session at the Courthouse, Vero Beach, Florida on <br />Friday, December 15 at 10:00 o'clock A. M. Present were Robert W. <br />Graves, Chairman; Donald Macdonald; Richard P. Bogosian and Jack U. <br />Dritenbas. Absent was D. B. McCullers, Jr., Vice Chairman. Also <br />present were Jack G. Jennings, County Administrator; Sherman N. Smith, Jr., <br />County Attorney and Alfred H. Webber and Janet Burriss, Deputy Clerks. <br />State Senator, C. S. Reuter; State Representatives, Charles Davis, <br />William Powell and Clifford McNulty; Mr. Michael O'Neil and Mr. Clarence <br />Davidson, Chairman and District Engineer of the State Road Deprtment; <br />Mr. J. Noble Richards and Mr. James Pryde, Mayor and City Manager of <br />Vero Beach; and Mr. J. B. Norton, Executive Vice -President of the <br />Chamber of Commerce were also present. <br />The meeting was called for the purpose of discussing the articles <br />on the following agenda: <br />Agenda <br />Highway 6 <br />▪ Speed up construction <br />completion by December 1969. <br />• Re -Allocate Funds <br />make 20th Avenue to City Limit's <br />,Location of 'road right of way between_ <br />37th Avenue and Main. Canal Bridge <br />.,Truck By -Pass Routes <br />A. To North of City from Main Canal <br />' to 43rd and to South Gifford <br />• To South of City from 27th and/or•43rd <br />to Oslo Road or 12th St. (other routes?) <br />Oslo Road Interchange <br />. . AlA Disney generated traffic count <br />. Beachland Blvd. <br />DEG 15 <br />9 ,? <br />