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1 <br />1 <br />1 <br />1 <br />TUESDAY, MAY 7th 1929. <br />The Board of County Commissioners in and for Indian River County, Florida, mete at <br />the Court House in the City of Vero Beach, on Tuesday, May 7th 19299 at 10 o'clock <br />A. M. with the following members of the Board present: Albert 0. Helseth, Chairmen; <br />J. D. Yongue; J. W. LaBruee; J. J. P. Hamilton and John H. Atkin. Also present were <br />Miles 'barren, Clerk and Clark 8. Rice, Sheriff. <br />1. The minutes of the previous meetings were read and approved. <br />Harry `8. Jones appeared before the Board requesting -bridge be built on road B-8 <br />across canal. It was ordered that County Engineer construct this Bridge as soon as he <br />can get to this work and necessary funds are available. <br />J. C. DuBose appeared before the Board regarding purchase of a Potters Field, and <br />submitted proposition to deed .certain property in the Vero Beach burial ground, con- <br />ditioned upon the County placing certain roads therein in good condition. This offer <br />was taken under consideration, along with other propositions offered. <br />Mrs Grace Sandison, submitted offer to deed the County one acre of land on old <br />Dixie Highway south of town for the sun of $100.00 and the delinquent taxes on such <br />property, which proposition was also taken under. consideration. <br />Mr S.1.1oudermilk appeared before the Board regarding opening up Road G-70 and <br />after considering same on motion made, seconded and carried ordered. the County Engineer <br />inspect and put in necessary drain on Lateral *A01 road to keep the water from breaking <br />up Or damaging the east side of said road. <br />It was ordered the County Engineer open South road ditch at Sebastian Creek cross- <br />ing on vrabasso-Fellsmere road. <br />Moved, seconded and carried that waiter Lawhorn be permitted to construct bridge <br />across ditch on Quay Bridge road under direction and supervision of County Engineer. <br />Such bridge to be used in connection with L awhorn's fish business at that point. <br />w. Be Evans, County Agent, appeared before the Board and submitted bills for guards <br />on Sebastian Bridge to inspect against the 'Mediterranean Fruit fly, and the following <br />accounts were approved: <br />Geo Braddock Jr........2 days......410.00 <br />R. G. Powell...........8 " ......440.00 <br />L.T.Braswell..........10 ......050.00 <br />S. A. Park ............ 10 ......$50.00 <br />W.E.Feazel Jr......... 8 ......$40.00 <br />G.J.Emery............. 7 " .....9$35.00 <br />H.A.Pennington........ 8 " ......040.00 <br />Bell Telephone Co.. 1.05 <br />W.E.Evans, 450 miles travel........ 27.00 <br />It was ordered that the necessary force be employed by the County agent to continue <br />inspection, as long as in the Agent's judgment it is necessary, and further ordered that <br />the bills and accounts mentioned above be paid out of the Agricultural Fund. <br />The following resolution was offered by Commissioner J. V. LeBruce and seconded <br />by Commissioner J. D. Yonguea <br />TMEREAS, on account of the appearance of the Mediterranean Fruit Fly in Florida <br />it is deemed expedient and advisable to assist in keeping this pest under control, and <br />therefore necessary that expenditure of funds be made not heretofore contemplated, and <br />VIISREASi, it is right and proper that such expenditures be made out of the Agricul- <br />tural Fund of the. County, and there does not appear to be sufficient funds available <br />to meet current expenses and the extra -ordinary expenses now being incurred, <br />THEREFORE, be it resolved that the sum of §800.00 be transferred from the Publicity <br />Fund to the Agricultural Fund, upon the approval of the State Comptroller only. <br />Upon being put to a vote the foregoing resolution was unanimously adopted. <br />