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telephone calls in his office from people who wanted dogs picked up <br />because these people had contacted the Humane Society and there had <br />been no results. <br />Doctor Lindsey also stated that many of the persons who had <br />their animals vacinated for rabies never obtained a license. He <br />felt that the problem could be more simply handled if they were able <br />to acquire the vacination and license from the same place,that this <br />would also be of great help in the keeping of records. <br />Frank Zorc, developer, appeared before the Board in regard to <br />the proposed final plat of Sun Crest Terrace Subdivision, Unit #1. <br />The County Administrator recommended the final approval of the plat <br />with the following provisions: <br />1. Build up the shoulders along 26th Avenue. <br />2. Grass shoulders and swales with 30 lbs. of Bermuda seed per <br />acre and 200 lbs. of fertilizer per acre. <br />3. (a) 1 30" X 30" stop sign <br />(b) 1 24" X 24" dead-end sign <br />(c) 2 25 mile per hour speed limit signs. <br />All above signs to be metal reflectorized. <br />4. Obtain letter from engineer confirming all construction has <br />been done in accordance with current subdivision regulations <br />of Indian River County, Florida. <br />. Developer to accept maintenance and care of all swales and <br />and drainage ditches for the period of one year from the <br />date of acceptance. <br />6. That all of the existing pavement that is in as of this date <br />is acceptable, that the developer may pave the entire street <br />to the width of 20 feet of paving the half streets to <br />a width of 12 feet. <br />On a Motion made by Commissioner Graves, seconded by Commissioner <br />Macdonald, the final plat of Sun Crest Terrace Subdivision, Unit #1 <br />was unanimously approved subject to the recommendations of the <br />County Administrator. <br />