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• <br />Commissioner Macdonald reportedthat a letter has been received <br />from Clyde S. Conover, District Chief of the Water Resources Division <br />of the United States Department of the Interior, Geological Survey., <br />stating that the Federal matching funds in the amount of $15,000.00 <br />have been secured to initiate the investigation of the water resources <br />of Indian River County; and that he plans initiating the study by the <br />date of October 1, 1968. <br />A list of questions from the Business Men and Women's League of <br />Indian River County regarding Urban Utilities Development was read <br />and the Administrator was requested to contact the Secretary of State <br />'in order that the Business Men and Women's League of Indian River <br />- County might be properly informed. <br />Commissioner Macdonald advised the Board that a check for <br />$53,946.75, Federal matching funds for the cost of the purchase of <br />Round Island Park was to be presented to the Board by R. W. Froemke, <br />Chief of Concurrent Programs of the Outdoor Recreational Development <br />Council,' in the afternoon. He advised that $27,825.00 in Federal <br />matching funds for the purchase of additional land for Kiwanis-Hobart <br />Park might also be forthcoming at a later date. <br />Commissioner Macdonald reported that a 6X6 fire truck had been <br />received from the Forestry Department for the use of the Fellsmere <br />Fire Department. <br />A request by J. W. Lowestein that the County maintain a street <br />light at 12th Street was tabled until a later meeting. <br />A request from Mrs. Mott to repurchase some property formerly <br />purchased from her by the County was denied as the County Commissioners <br />wish to hold this land for future County use. <br />The Administrator advised the Board that a drainage ditch bordering <br />the property of Robert Brackett was off the centerline and was <br />undermining the walls of a swimming pool on Mr. Brackett's property. <br />The Administrator reported that during conversations with Mr. Brackett <br />he had been told that this gentleman would furnish 160 feet of 30" <br />pipe if the County would install it in the centerline of their easement. <br />�}1 <br />A Motion was made by Commissioner Graves, seconded byy0�j A. <br />AUG 7 1968 <br />