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Thursday,:' September 26_, 1968 <br />Board of County Commissioners; of Indian River County, Florida <br />regular session at the Courthouse,;: VeroBeach,, Florida on <br />Thursday, September 26, 1968 at 8:30' o'clock A. M. Present were Jack <br />Dritenbas, Chairman,. Robert W. <br />Bogosian. <br />Donald Macdonald and Richard <br />Vice Chairman. Also <br />Absent was D. B. McCullers, <br />present were Jack G. Jennings, County Administrator; <br />Sherman N. Smith, <br />County. Attorney; and Alfred H. <br />Deputy Clerks. <br />:The Chairman <br />Webber <br />and Janet N. Burriss, <br />called the meeting to order and: corrections having <br />been made to the minutes of September'. <br />made' by <br />ommissioner'Graves, seconded by Conmtissioner Macdonald and unanimously <br />carried that the minutes of September 11 be approved as corrected. <br />Homer Fletcher, Tax Assessor, appeared before the Board stating <br />the. Tax Rolls were ready for the approval of the Board and that <br />normally the meeting for this purpose wouldhave been on October 7 <br />and questioned if the Board preferred, to hold this special meeting <br />regular meeting <br />or would they prefer to take this matter <br />October 9. A Motion was made by Commissioner Graves, seconded by <br />Commissioner Macdonald and unanimously carried that a special meeting <br />not be held for the approval of the 1968 tax rolls but that the <br />matterwould be taken up at the regular meeting of the Board on <br />,October 9, 1968. <br />Thomas H. Trent, Civil Defense Director., appeared before the Board <br />reporting that he had received the new radio and was well pleased with <br />He also reported that he had sold junk equipment for $50.00 as <br />authorized by Civil Defense Headquarters/inJacksonville and asked <br />what he should do with the money.He was informed that he should <br />pay it over to the Clerk for deposit in the General Fund and that the <br />Clerk should earmark that amount for the purchase of new Civil Defense <br />equipment only. <br />gLe3214 " *:. <br />A letter was received from 'State Representative Charles Davis in <br />behalf of some citizens in Gifford regarding a traffic light at State <br />SEP <br />