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made by Commissioner Macdonald, <br />Commissioner Graves and unanimously carried the. Administrator <br />was requested to contact the State Road'Dep-artment and request that a <br />study be made at the intersection <br />determine the need of a traffic; <br />Administrator reported <br />traffic light at Wabasso <br />Road #5 to <br />Bridge <br />discuss the moving of <br />with John Wi.lsonof the.State Road <br />The County Administrator presented a tentative plat of a <br />Subdivision known as Crystal Sands <br />ubdivision''Requirements and <br />as meeting County <br />the provision that all work be done to comply with County <br />Upon <br />a Motion ,made ,:by Commissioner Macdonald, <br />Commissioner Bogosian and unanimously carried, the <br />tentative approval was given for,Crystal Sands Subdivision as <br />recommended by the County Administrator. <br />After considerable. discussion regarding the. request of Mr. <br />asserman for more space at the old health building, it was decided. <br />that.the.'Board take no action until further study has been made. <br />