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The County Administrator reported that' the request of the <br />County to build a walk way from the Courthouse to the Annex has <br />been approved by the City provided that the walk way be constructed <br />by the County at no expense to the City. <br />The County Administrator reported that the State Road Department <br />would ndtbe able to put the wearing surface on 43rd Street until <br />the middle of March or the first of April, and that he felt that <br />due to traffic conditions, the road would need to be resealed again., <br />On a Motion made by Commissioner Bogosian, seconded by Commissioner <br />McCullers the Administrator was requested to try to rearrange the <br />meeting with the Legislative Delegation scheduled for February 24, <br />to a time after February 27 and prior to March 10, in order that <br />the Board of County Commissioners, the County Attorney and the <br />County Administrator might be able to attend the Annual Mid Year <br />Conference of the State Association of County Commissioners to be <br />held in Jacksonville on February 23, 24 and 25. The Motion was <br />unanimously carried. <br />The hour of 9:00 o'clock A. M. having passed, the Chairman <br />read the following notice with proof of publication attached, to - <br />wit: <br />FEB 51969 <br />f OOK 12 P4I;E112 <br />