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ORDINANCE NO. 88- 44 <br />SECTION 4 <br />SEVERABILITY <br />If any section, part of a sentance, paragraph, phrase or <br />word of this ordinance is for any reason held to be <br />unconstitutional, inoperative or void, such holdings shall not <br />affect the remaining portions hereof and it shall be construed to <br />have been the legislative intent to pass this ordinance without <br />such unconstitutional, invalid or inoperative part. <br />EFFECTIVE DATE <br />The provisions of this ordinance shall become effective upon <br />receipt from the Florida Secretary of State of official <br />acknowledgement that this ordinance has been filed with the <br />Department of State. <br />Approved and adopted by the Board of County Commissioners of <br />Indian River County, Florida, on this lst day of November , <br />This ordinance was advertised in the Vero Beach <br />Press -Journal on the 10th day of October , 1988, for a public <br />hearing to be held on the 1st day of November, 19880P at which <br />time it was moved for adoption by Commissioner Bird <br />seconded by Commissioner Eggert , and adopted by the following <br />vote: <br />Chairman Don C. Scurlock, Jr. Nay <br />Vice Chairman Gary C. Wheeler Aye <br />Commissioner Richard N. Bird Aye <br />Commissioner Margaret C. Bowman Aye <br />Commissioner Carolyn K. Eggert Aye <br />